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How to celebrate Brexit Day in Suffolk just right

Suffolk just so happens to be one of the best places in the UK to dress up and celebrate the odd American holiday of Halloween, with events taking place all over the county that are far better than those across the border in Norfolk.

Of course, this year in the UK, we may be treated to a double holiday, with All Hallows’ Eve coinciding with the infinitely scarier Brexit deadline. This schedule clash, along with other preparations, has led to a few tweaks in Suffolk’s packed Halloween events line-up, so let’s check out the events that are being staged here and the costumes that you can deploy to be both edgy but within the boundaries of modern demands.

Stockpiling Scares in Suffolk on 31 October

Along with the pubs and clubs in Ipswich and across the county likely putting up decorations and having kooky-coloured shots on offer, there are many organised events taking place around Suffolk. One of the most notable is ScaresVille: The Haunted Village, which is now, spookily, entering its 13th year. It’s a popular event around here, taking place at Kentwell Hall each October.

While they advise against wearing Halloween costumes, they’ve said nothing about sporting some Brexit-wear. Why not improvise a mummy costume using Union Jack bunting? Or better yet, you could celebrate the severing of our union with the body of the EU by crafting a headless horseman costume? Just be careful of where you leave your head lying around if you go with this choice, as we’re sure Brexiteers won’t want to lose their heads on this auspicious day.

Politically Appropriate Costumes for Halloween 2019

Picking a good, recognisable, and possibly funny costume can be very difficult for Halloween, but there are a few key characters, and items, which can help you stand out on the night. Avoiding inappropriate stereotypes and being culturally considerate in the face of the impending doom of a possible Irish backstop, the classic leprechaun costume is a perfectly apt choice this year.

Leprechauns are cheeky little creatures, loved the nation over, much like all of our MPs. This is most likely because they are still the main characters in popular gambling games like Slots O’ Gold, Rainbow Jackpots, and Rainbow Riches, allowing people to recognise and see the fun in big green costumes and top hats.

Considering the political horror show that has been the last three years, you need not look further than our current parliamentary representatives for costume ideas! Want to emulate BoJo for that touch of conservatism? Simply buy a suit three sizes too big and do nothing with your hair. Is a hard Brexit more your speed? With a few tweaks, any old gargoyle or frog costume can be repurposed into an impassioned Farage facade. Can’t decide on either option? That’s great! You’ve already got your Corbyn costume sorted.

Where pop culture is concerned, Avengers Endgame will be cornering the single market as the highest-grossing film ever, so you’re bound to see a few Caps, Hulks, and Iron Men bouncing around Halloween 2019. But what about costume ideas based on our unsung heroes, the political correspondents that have had the arguably most interesting years of their lives? Swap out that Black Widow outfit and light up Twitter with a homage to Laura Kuenssberg, with most M&S suits doing the trick. Better yet, double down on the pop-culture element and go as an entirely different sort of Jon Snow!

Whatever your political leaning, one thing is for certain: October 31st, 2019 is going to be the scariest Halloween yet!

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