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Best home renovation hacks to create magical living spaces

If your home is in dire need of an upgrade, you don’t have to wait to save money for an overhaul. There are a number of home improvement hacks that can really transform your house into an abode of luxury, even if your budget is limited.

These simple renovation hacks for the home are not only simple to implement, but they can make your living space look magical without having to dip frequently in your bank account.

Add a tile backsplash

One of the easiest DIY home improvement project which has a lot of visual impact can be achieved by adding a tile backsplash to the house. This can either be done in the kitchen or bathroom by using the right tools and some patience. You can get a good deal on the tiles online or look for a sale in your neighborhood hardware store.

Create an accent wall

This is another cheap and enjoyable home improvement project that you would wish you had incorporated earlier. Instead of spending money on wallpaper, you can turn your dull walls into a place of art by painting stripes on it. Choose colors that are light to create an attractive effect. To further dress up the room, hang some pieces of art on the wall.

Install gutter guards

Clogged gutters can play havoc with home and cause damage to the surrounding structure. Apart from trying to clean them regularly, which is quite time consuming, try installing gutter guards instead. These days a micromesh gutter system with leaf filters will prevent even the tiniest of debris from getting inside your gutter and exclude cleaning from the work-to-do list.

Style the place with rugs

Rugs and carpets have been around for ages because they can really uplift the look of any room. They need not be very expensive and are an easy way to give a lux feel to the house. Moreover, the best part is that carpets can be changed whenever needed to change the look of the interiors from time to time. To impart individuality to a space, choose carpets of different sizes and styles to create the ultimate three dimensional effect without having to use professional advice.

Replace the old faucets

Old and outdated tapware can bring the kitchen, and as a result the entire house, down on its knees.Just by changing the taps in the kitchen and bathroom can have the maximum effect with minimal effort and ease. This simple renovation hack will make your space chic and modern looking in no time at all.

Update the bathroom cabinets

You don’t have to splash your cash on new cabinets for the bathroom if you can’t afford it.In fact, if your cabinets are in working order, there is no need for replacement either.Sure, they may look drab with constant use, but you can easily give them a facelift just by applying a fresh coat of paint and installing new drawer pulls to make your bathroom look brand new.

Add mirrors

Adding mirrors to a space is a great way of making it look bigger than it is. Apart from creating this illusion, mirrors add light to a room. While a simple colored frame will give a bold look, you can opt for a gold frame to add opulence to the room. In case your dreams of extending the dining or living room are being hindered due to a tight budget, mirrors are an affordable and simple alternative.

Give the furniture a makeover

While everyone liked to have new furniture in the house on their wishlist, there are ways to transform the old furniture into stylish new pieces without crying over a drained bank account. Applying a coat of paint to reupholstering and putting new handles on the drawers, there are umpteen ways to give your old furniture a classy new look.

Replace the light fixtures

Chances are that your elaborate lights installed years ago have been collecting bugs and dust since then. Replacing these decade old monstrosities can give the home an uplift instantly. You can either go for simple modern covers or juggle with different pendant styles to give a funky appearance.The changed fixtures can be kept aside for future use.

Install floating shelves

This is without doubt the easiest and cheapest makeover which can add style and make a room look functional. Installing floating shelves is a wonderful way to display toys in the nursery or show family portraits in the living room. Moreover, these types of shelves are light in weight, are easy to mount and finish and in return give more space for storage to the room. The perfect hack to turn your home into the ultimate well-organized place, the you want it to be.

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