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7 Fabulous gift ideas for Christmas

Christmas gifts

In between eating way too many Christmas dinners, getting way too drunk at the office party and sending out a ridiculous amount of Christmas cards, we all have to find some time to hit the shops and buy gifts.

While a very small proportion of us love getting our hats and scarves on and venturing out into the cold to buy gifts for distant relatives to open, the vast majority of us do everything possible to avoid it.

So, for those who would rather stay inside with a cuppa and wait for the delivery man to arrive at the doorstep, we’ve compiled a list of the very best presents money (but not too much money) can buy this year.

Glasses stand

For those who are always forgetting where they put their specs

Let’s be honest – we’re forever chasing after our parents and grandparents, looking under sofas and lifting newspapers off the coffee table to find out exactly what they did with their glasses this time. This comical glasses stand from Not On The High Street is perfect for those forgetful family members, and can be bought and personalized with your own message. It’ll fit in with the living room furniture while standing as a great reminder of where to find their specs the next time they go walkabouts. Each stand is handcrafted from solid oak in the company’s workshop in Wales and comes in a variety of great styles – including variations to fit more pairs of glasses and even jewellery.

Shop the solid oak personalized glasses stand on Not On The High Street here.

Twinkle in Time Star Map

For those who love something to hang on the wall

If you know your family and friends love personalized gifts but you don’t fancy trekking around the shops to find the perfect present, a Twinkle in Time star map should be your go-to.  These gorgeous, high-quality maps mark a special date and location in your loved one’s life and create a map showing exactly how the stars were aligned at that time. The website really does make the whole process effortless – you could even post it straight to the receiver’s door so you don’t have to play Santa this year. All you have to do is choose the special memory you want to mark and enter it into the website’s software – the rest is done for you (other than the paying part).

Buy a custom star map from Twinkle in Time here.

Nespresso Citiz

For the one who’s always late to the office

The Nespresso Citiz coffee machine is perfect for anyone who needs that little extra boost after rolling out of bed in the morning. This machine is super stylish, compact enough to fit in most kitchens, and most importantly – makes a great cup of coffee to start the day. It also works at an impressive speed which is great for those who are always late, bringing water to a boil in under 25 seconds. The Nespresso Citiz turns itself off after 9 minutes of inactivity – perfect for the forgetful ones among us who are always leaving the iron on.

Check it out on Cool Things Chicago’s list of Gifts for Her.

Experience day

For the adventurous 

For some, material possessions simply don’t cut it. They want excitement, fun, and adrenaline-filled activities. This Christmas, gift those friends and family members an experience day with Virgin. There are tonnes to choose from to suit everyone from climbers to drivers – you simply have to have a little browse to find something that fits your budget. We also love that there’s hundreds of great gift experiences for couples, so you don’t have to buy two separate presents for your loved-up friends! Genius! You might need to take a little more time on this gift than the other options on this list, but your choice is bound to be unforgettable for the receiver.

Take a look at Virgin’s Experience Days here.

Kool8 Water Bottle

For the sporty one

We all have that friend who’s always talking about their workout, what they ate for dinner, and what protein powder they’re currently really into. And let’s face it – they’re probably also very good at nagging you to drink more water. Introducing the Kool8 water bottle – perfect for those who seem to spend their lives in the gym using hundreds of plastic water bottles a year. This super stylish, eco-friendly bottle keeps water cold for 24 hours, and tea hot for 12. The company also donates 20% of its profits to help deliver clean water to those who need it the most – so you’re also doing your bit for charity this festive period. 

Buy a Kool8 water bottle from their website here.

Scratch Map

For the traveller

The original travel scratch map is simply the best gift for that friend who never seems to stay in the same country for more than a week. Let’s face it, though, they probably already have one hanging on their bedroom wall. That’s where this cute miniature comes in handy, which your traveller friends can take on all their adventures and scratch off countries as they land at each airport. We think it’s a really cute idea to mark off every country you visit on your way around the globe and definitely recommend this adorable miniature.

Shop the original travel map from Scratch Map here.

Beard baubles

For the joker

If you’re looking for a small, humorous gift for your bearded friends, then this is it. Beard baubles, while also super amusing, are a great way for your friends to get their Christmas this year. This pack of nine is really easy to put on and take off without uncomfortable snagging and comes in a range of colors. They’re sure to impress everyone at dinner, although we can’t guarantee your mate won’t have to put up with a few uncomfortable beard tugs and constant nagging that they should shave!

Shop beard baubles on Men Kind here. 

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