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5 Times Serious Movies Became a Mess

We love movies that transport us to a different time and place, yet even a small mistake can ruin the illusion. The following are examples of a few classic movies that momentarily lost their way with terrible mistakes that are difficult to forget.

Robert De Niro Gets Replaced by an Obvious Dummy

The opening scene of 1995’s Casino is almost perfect, as Robert De Niro playing the gaudily-dressed casino boss Sam “Ace” Rothstein gets into his car and meets a sorry end. It’s a powerful opening, but viewers are left wondering why the dummy that replaces the actor is so obvious and why the camera lingers on it for so long. Some fans assume that director Martin Scorsese did it deliberately, but it’s still unclear why he would do that.

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The Strange Street Sweeper in Quantum of Solace

This 2008 James Bond movie helped to establish the gritty new direction the franchise took with Daniel Craig in the lead role. It includes exciting action sequences and a deeper look at 007’s inner rage and ruthlessness. Quantum of Solace also gives us plenty of chase sequences using a variety of vehicles in several locations, making it onto this list from Time of the best car chases in movie history.

Yet, one bizarre scene caught the eyes of movie-goers for the wrong reason. An extra behind Bond is meant to be sweeping the ground but, for some unknown reason, sweeps his brush in mid-air. It’s a comical moment and some sources suggest that the extra might have been told to sweep in that way to avoid filling the scene with dust.

The Van and Muddled Timeline in Braveheart

1995’s Braveheart was such a huge success that it allowed millions of us to learn more about the story of Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace. It told of his battle to gain independence for his country, with Mel Gibson playing the lead role as well as directing the film. It just didn’t tell the story correctly.

Braveheart has been criticized for being historically inaccurate in many areas such as the clothing worn by 13th Scottish warriors and the Royal timeline, as explained by SlashFilm. Most people watching it wouldn’t be aware of these issues, but they would recognize the white van rolling along behind a battle scene.   

The Fight Scene in The Godfather

It’s hard to believe that one of the most loved and critically-acclaimed movies of all time has one of the worst fight scenes. 1972’s The Godfather is incredibly detailed and beautifully shot but when Sonny Corleone (played by James Caan) beats up his brother-in-law Carlo it looks like a scene from a cheap TV series.  

Some sources suggest that this scene was probably filmed early and before the studio had seen Francis Ford Coppola’s work and become more relaxed over the budget. That’s still no excuse for the punch that misses Carlo by a considerable distance but still makes a noise as though it landed.

Jurassic Park and the Helping Hand

Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park helped to change the way we think about special effects, but there’s one moment in the 1993 film that almost ruins the illusion that the rest of the scenes has helped to build up.

This is when the giant velociraptors are chasing the humans in the kitchen. At one point, we see a human hand that appears to keep the dinosaur steady. Once you’ve seen it, the idea of powerful beasts hunting down the humans is shattered.

These are all still great movies, but those messy moments we’ve looked at take some of the edge off the drama and excitement if you look at them too closely.

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