Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Suffolk woman still watching X Factor

By Arthur Pint
Entertainment Editor

A seemingly normal Suffolk woman today admitted she still watched and enjoyed X Factor.

Trudy Hutchison claimed Simon Cowell’s long-running television show was as “brilliant” as ever.

“This series is gripping,” said Miss Hutchison, a legal executive from Ipswich. “I particularly love the Six Chair Challenge – it really is like playing musical chairs. Simon Cowell is a genius.”

Miss Hutchison’s family and friends are so concerned by her outspoken views that they put her in touch with medics, but checks showed she was in good health and had no psychological issues.

One doctor said: “This is a strange case. It is very rare to find anyone claiming they still enjoy X Factor. I think we need to do more tests.”

An ITV insider said: “We’d like to thank Trudy for her continued support. But obviously she is completely mad.”

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