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Wimbledon 2022: What Tim Harrison believes will be most interesting

Wimbledon might be part of the 4 Grand Slams of tennis throughout the year, but there are no bigger events than this. Every tennis professional in the world knows this.

The upcoming season of The Championships Wimbledon will start on June 27 and finish on July 10, making it the first 14-day event in history. The fans are looking forward to it. Do you know who else is?

The British punters! As the event is destined to take place in the heart of London, the excitement is always through the roof in the UK.

To project on the upcoming display of professional tennis, we’ve invited a betting expert among us, Tim Harrison. Tim works for the premier betting brand BetZillion and tennis betting is one of his specialties.

To start things on the right foot, Tim would like to present the best online Wimbledon betting sites. These are sites evaluated by Tim Himself for offering punters the best odds and markets.

Now, Tim would like to move on to the events he thinks will be most interesting in Wimbledon 2022.

Tim Harrison at Suffolk Gazette Readers: Anticipations for Wimbledon 2022

The Wimbledon, or The Championships, whatever you may want to call it, is the oldest and the most prestigious event in international tennis. Laser, the ITF (International Tennis Federation) made it a part of the 4 Grand Slams.

Wimbledon has been historically taking place in London. The venue has always been the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC) in Wimbledon. This time in 2022, the platform is newly decorated as part of The AELTC Wimbledon Park Project.

Since 1877, the tournament has created some epic memories for the world’s tennis fans. Like in 1989, the event saw the youngest champion, Boris Becker. Or, Rafael Nadal removes Roger Federer from the uncrowned king of Wimbledon.

Just like every single year, fans are waiting for the 2022 season. Now, let’s go into what Tim thinks might happen.

Roger Federer May Not Participate

It becomes a big deal when you put Roger Federer and Wimbledon in the same sentence. He’s been the record holder for most titles since it became an Open event. But following his knee injury last year, he’s yet to confirm his participation in the upcoming Wimbledon.

Roger has already missed out on the Australian Open 2022, and if he misses out on the Wimbledon, it will be a very disappointing season for the fans.

Serena Williams to Say Bye

Like Roger Federer is a big deal in Wimbledon’s men’s singles, Serena Williams was once a sensation on the grass court. But she has been in her shadows for quite a while now and she hasn’t won a tennis major in the last 4-5 seasons.

Currently, she’s recovering from a hamstring injury which shakes off the possibility of her participating in Wimbledon 2022. Even if she does, rumors have it that she’s supposed to say bye to tennis this year.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise to the fans, as Tim believes. Because she’s already stepped into her forties, and it’s speculated that her golden time is already past her. Even if she does attend this year’s Wimbledon, it might be the last major event she plays.

Novak Djokovic May Surpass the Legends

Novak Djokovic pretty much turned up like a meteor and crushed records after records in men’s tennis. In a very short time, he tied with Roger Federer in terms of the greatest number of Grand Slam winnings in the Open Era.

The only player with more titles than him and Federer is Rafael Nadal. However, the 2022 Wimbledon may change things. As Federer is still not recovered from the injury and Nadal has already retired, it looks likely for Novak Djokovic to take place as the king of Men’s singles.

Well, not technically. Even if he wins the Wimbledon 2022, he’ll tie with Nadal. Then, he’ll also have to win the US Open. It’s surely unlikely but not impossible. If the legacy of Rafael Nadal is something to go by, he has proved that it’s possible to win 3 Grand Slams in a year!

But you have to account that Nadal is still going stronger than ever, and he’s already won the Australian Open to show the world what he’s capable of.

As Novak already won the Wimbledon 2021, it’s very much likely that he’ll go for the title again as defending champion. He also looks more in shape than most prospects for this year. Only time will tell what happens.

Medvedev May Become ATP No. 1

ATP of the Association of Tennis Professionals is the largest men’s organization for tennis. Currently, the No. 1 player in the whole world is Novak Djokovic. And the 2nd best player is Daniil Medvedev from Russia.

Before the Australian Open 2022, they had a points difference of over 3,000. Just before Wimbledon 2022, the points difference at a mere 55! So, it’s likely that Novak Djokovic will lose his position as ATP’s No. 1!

Tim Harrison’s Guide to Tennis Betting Along with being one of the biggest sports in the world, tennis also happens to be a gold mine for sports bettors. As an expert in this field, Tim knows how crazy things can get when someone enters the paradigm for the first time.

In the UK alone, the betting scene has seen a dramatic rise in value, £5.89 billion as of 2020, to be exact. A huge reason behind the boom in the trend is the availability of tennis betting markets across the bookmakers. When it comes to betting, the UK has one of the most structured approaches, thanks to the strict regulations from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

However, it’s often hard for a new punter to navigate the ways among all the betting sites. So, we’ve requested he share some of his expert tips for our readers at Suffolk Gazette.

✔ Look for the License

The first thing Tim Harrison wants any punter to do is look for the bookmaker’s license. It’s extremely important because unlicensed bookies are outright illegal in the country, and they might offer fake odds to rob you of your money. You may find the information in the website’s footer section or on the T&C page.

✔ Compare the Odds

It is one of Tim’s “Betting 101” tips. As there’s an abundance of betting sites in the country, you get an amazing chance to compare odds between various bookmakers. Only choose the longest one, given that you don’t have to compromise security.

✔ Tennis Markets

Last but not least, look for the number of markets. Premier bookmakers often go beyond the norm and offer unique markets at excellent odds. Your target is to find as many markets as possible to diversify your tennis betting practice. Final Thoughts of Tim Harrison Tim thinks Wimbledon 2022 will be packed with exciting events. But you never know what might happen, and that’s the beauty of international sports. Tim has shared his thoughts. Why don’t you do the same?

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