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Why the best casino experience in Ipswich is online

The prospect of a casino in Ipswich being built has been spoken about many times, but something substantial is yet to happen. This has left anyone who wants to play slots and casino games in a bit of a rut.

But these days there’s a clear solution: online casinos. Thanks to fast internet on both computers and mobiles, players from Ipswich (and all over the UK) can access online casino sites at any time in just a few seconds. And these sites have a lot of advantages over traditional casinos too. With the help of Casino Professor – an award-winning UK casino comparison site – we explain what the benefits are of going online.


One of the great things about online casinos is the variety. There are literally hundreds of different websites which you can access from Ipswich (or elsewhere in the country) to play. So if you get bored with one particular site, you can simply move on to another.

But this doesn’t just provide players with new surroundings. Some casino sites provide different kinds of features, so you can actually choose one that better fits your needs. For example, some sites have a lot more slots and games available. Others have different types of payment methods to use. You might decide to go for an instant withdrawal casino UK to access any winnings quickly.

All players have different kinds of preferences. And online casinos are best suited to meet those needs.


As we mentioned above, you can access an online casino within seconds using your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. They’re also open 24 hours a day. This means you don’t really need to plan anything in advance.

Compare this to land-based casinos. They sometimes have limited opening hours and you have to actually think about getting there. This is especially tricky for the people of Ipswich as there isn’t a traditional casino in town. The nearest is probably Grosvenor in Great Yarmouth which is around an hour’s drive away. So it’s a pretty big commitment just to even get there.

But with online casinos, all you need is an internet connection. So you can start to play pretty much whenever it suits you.


When you sign up to be a member at a land-based casino, you might get a few rewards. But they probably won’t have anything to do with playing the games. Things like free soft drinks and maybe a bit of food, for example.

Online casinos give players rewards to play their slots and games. You will almost certainly be given a bonus when you sign up and make your first deposit. This usually gives you a bit more bankroll to play with as a thank you for playing with your own money. And because there’s loads of variety, you can literally benefit from a first deposit bonus at pretty much all casino sites.

But that’s not all. Existing players frequently get things too. These sites don’t want you to sign up with one of their competitors, so they provide you with more promotions to keep you happy.


If you’ve never played at an online casino before then you might not think there’s much difference between their slots and games and those available at land-based casinos. But often there is.

Land-based casinos obviously have a limited amount of space. Even the biggest ones in the UK can only fit so many slot machines, blackjack tables, roulette wheels, and poker tables through the door.

But because online casinos offer virtual games, they do not have any of these restrictions. Instead, they can choose to partner with as many third-party game providers as they like. The more providers they partner with, the more slots and games they can offer to players. Of course, the game providers they can partner with must have a licence to operate in the UK, with the Gambling Commission deploying strict rules on gaming machines to ensure they are fair and comply with their standards.

In general, online casinos really should be offering at least a few hundred games. Some sites have been known to provide over a thousand. And the number of games just keeps on rising too. That’s because most providers release something new every month. So there’s always something different to try out even if you’ve been playing on the same site for years.

So when you add all of this up, it’s quite hard to ignore the benefits of playing online. Even in places where land-based casinos are actually present, but especially in Ipswich where no traditional casinos are available.

If you do decide to play, just make sure to always gamble responsibly and keep it fun.

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