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Why Now is a better time than ever to be an iGamer

Why Now is a better time than ever to be an iGamer

iGaming has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last decade, and improvements and advancements in technology have meant that iGames have become immersive, giving players a sense of being part of the game. During the pandemic, this meant that people restricted to their homes had an outlet for their spare time and enjoyed exploring all the features that the designers have put into the games. It also meant that the popularity soared, and there is no sign of this growth slowing down. The increased popularity and the advancements in technology drive one another, making this an even better time than ever to get involved.

Increasing Competition

When any industry proves to be profitable, there is a rush of new players entering the sector. This means that the number of operators offering eye gaming has increased, as well as the games you can play, and the bonuses offered to try and attract new business. Gambling laws in the US have also added to the growth, with established names and newcomers to the arena all vying for more business. It is now not unusual to see massive welcome offers such as a 400% deposit bonus, giving players the freedom to cherry-pick what works best for them.

Software Developer Working Harder

This increasing competition also means that software developers are working harder to ensure that the games they are bringing to market are high-end and attractive to players. Graphics have vastly improved in the last decade whether you are playing on a desktop, console, or even mobile phone. One of the first words in software development is immersive, and they are looking for ways to make the players feel like they are part of the game and actually there within the action.

Technologies Make iGaming More Accessible

One of the potential downsides of such immersive games is the size and power they require to run. However, cloud-based computing has now reached a point where almost anything can run from the cloud. This means that the devices the end user or game player have do not need to be as powerful, making them more affordable. Games can be stored and run from the host service and accessed and played no matter where you are or what device you have. Previously games would need to be limited to the hardware capabilities of specific devices, and cloud-based computing is doing away with that issue meaning developers can really go to town, and size no longer matters.

In Short, Now is a Great Time!

When you consider all the above and add to that the advancements in other technology areas, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as the introduction of 5G, it is easy to see why iGaming has exploded and is so accessible to all. No matter what type of game you enjoy playing, or the media from which you play, now is a great time to experience the world of iGaming firsthand.

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