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What’s the 5G network and how can it revolutionise our world?

Telecommunication companies are looking ahead to a busy 2022 year in terms of the 5G rollout expected in the UK and worldwide.

5G is a technology development of the wireless communications that we know and have been using until now that goes by the name of 4G. It’s expected that its use will dramatically improve the state of digital devices and will completely change the way human beings interact with mobile devices.

Improvements lie mostly in the speed at which we can use the Internet on our devices. It’s an evolution that can be compared to when we went from 3G connections to the 4G connection which is today the most common in mobile devices.

If you’re a recurrent user of smartphones or tablets, you’ll surely have noticed the improvements in terms of connectivity and the speed at which an app or website loaded its information.

4G allowed for example the further development of the gaming industry in mobile devices. High-speed connections made it possible for users to be able to play online games and even share “game parties” where different devices connect in order to host multiplayer sessions.

The casino industry managed to harvest many of the advantages of the improvements in connectivity by putting a lot of effort into the development of online casinos. The success was such that nowadays UK players can enjoy trusted reviews of an increasing offer of online casinos when choosing a platform to bet in games like poker, blackjack or slots. A good connection is one of the basic needs for these companies to be able to offer the necessary standards in security and guarantees when making deposits or paying with credit and debit cards.

It was the same case for many industries that now have built business models that rely completely on Internet services, like online marketplaces such as Zalando or the dating apps like Tinder.

5G is expected to be between 10 and 20 times faster than 4G depending on the hardware capabilities of the device in use. This means that you could be able to download a full movie in HD quality to your phone in a couple of minutes. Websites would load instantly into your screen and apps would open immediately, saying goodbye to any loading times. The immediacy of the interactions could completely change the experience with mobile devices and the importance of the digital realm could even gain further weight in our daily lives.

But mobile devices will only be a small part of the revolution of the 5G network.

The biggest impact it will have will be on industries of the famous Internet of Things: Robots, sensors, advanced computing, energy management and even surgical medicine. In the last example, there’s already the case of the first surgery conducted by distance by Antonio de Lacy which marked a landmark for robotically controlled operations.

With 5G, the Internet of Things will go to undiscovered frontiers. Everything will start to have connection capabilities, from kitchen devices to personal vehicles. Each time, more devices will be able to share information and act efficiently according to our needs and habits.

And with all of this in hand, many questions the possible downsides in security that the 5G network could have, mainly in topics like hacking. But experts in the matter assure that security was at the heart of the design of 5G networks in order to make it the most secure network possible.

If 5G is meant to be used in industries and professional sectors, it is important that the data shared thru the devices remains with the owners.

The recent rollout of 5G in the United States is proof that companies want to tackle safety issues before creating more points of connection: AT&T and Verizon have delayed their rollouts due to warnings by airports and airlines on possible interferences that 5G could have with operational instruments inside airplanes.

In the end, the importance of the human eye supported by analytical and scientific studies remains the key component when implementing new technologies and will be essential when monitoring the interaction of 5G with the rest of the industries.

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