Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Water bed burst as couple romped

An Ipswich couple whose delux water bed burst during a moment of passion are taking legal action for damages.

Ben and Sofia Darlington, of Corder Road, fell through their bedroom ceiling onto the kitchen table below when the bed suddenly “exploded”.

Thousands of gallons of water poured into the kitchen, blowing all the electrical circuits with a terrifying bang.

The drama was heard by passing postman Jim Keeble, who looked through the kitchen to see if anyone was hurt.

He saw Mrs Darlington, 32, laying naked across the table with her husband, 34, slumped over her wearing a Superman top. The shocked postie is now off work for counselling.

Luckily the Darlingtons were unhurt, but they are now suing water bed maker Watership Eiderdown for damages.

Mr Darlington, who works at Willis, said: “We only got the bed on Saturday and made sure we followed the assembly instructions to the letter.

On Monday morning we woke up and one thing led to another, and just at the worst moment the bed burst.

“I like to think I can make the earth move, but this was ridiculous.”

The couple are suing for thousands of pounds for repairs to the kitchen ceiling, redecorating, and their semi-detached house’s electrics.

They are also seeking damages for the emotional stress they suffered when the postmen saw them spreadeagled naked on the kitchen table.

Lorraine Fisher, 34, a spokesperson for Watership Eiderdown said: “Our engineers are investigating. However, we believe the customers overfilled the bed.”

Asked if he was confident the company would win a court battle, she said: “We’re quite buoyant.”

Mugs ahoy

Buy a mug, not a waterbed, and you won’t get that sinking feeling.

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