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Unique corporate gift ideas

Corporate gifts

When looking for gifts to impress your business partners, colleagues or customers, you want to find something that is original and high quality. Corporate gifts should not just be for the holidays when your business will be competing with others.

Gifts will have even more impact if sent “off-season” as a specific thank you linked to a significant event. Always send a handwritten note or personalised message with the gift to let clients how much their business means to you.

Gifts that last

Corporate gifts are ones that you want to last. You can choose gifts that are not something physical but still have great meaning.  Online classes will give your clients an experience they will remember from learning a musical instrument to advancing in a foreign language or cooking a new cuisine at home.

In the holidays, Christmas baubles for the tree and many other decorations can be great gifts that can act as a reminder of your connection each year.  Leave your saucy secret Santa gifts for your significant other, though if you want gift ideas for her, consider a glazed red tight bud rose and a pendant inlaid with diamonds. Gifts fashioned in the shape of a heart will indicate just how much you mean to her.

Branded corporate gifts

Branded corporate gifts should be far more than a mug or pen with your company logo that is handed out freely at regular marketing events. However, specially branded gifts are acceptable, such as a moleskin notepad in company colours and a subtle logo impressed or printed on the front. For the holidays, commission a company-branded calendar that people will want to use. Have these printed on high-quality paper for an impressive effect.

For other corporate gifts to individuals, if you meet a business client on a golf course to discuss business, gift a golf ball and tee set. If you have many business clients, make a gift to a charity that communicates your company values which also honours the values of your partners.


A cliché of a corporate gift, these should not be dismissed out of hand since you can create your own hamper with bespoke coffee or tea blends for a gift that lasts. Support local businesses when sourcing contents, as this could lead to referrals.

A gourmet food basket is another corporate gift idea and many companies have brought this into the 21st century, just make sure you are aware of your client’s allergies and that you send gluten-free and vegan options when appropriate.

Focus on packaging

Whatever gift you choose, have it packaged nicely, whether in a tailored wooden box or other quality packaging. Be creative with packaging ideas as you are with your corporate gifts as these extra touches will make your company stand out for paying attention to detail.

Digital gifts

If your corporate gifts are required to cover a range of different tasks, consider creating a custom-curated catalogue with a personalised message in which clients can choose a gift that fits within your budget and goals. These can include vouchers in retail, e-commerce, utilities, entertainment, travel, hotels, wellness, charity, fashion, grocery, home appliances, books and much more.

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