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Suffolk people never more than 10 metres away from a comedy ukulele band

Ukelele band

The people of Suffolk are never more than 10 metres away from a comedy ukulele band, a survey has confirmed.

No matter where folk stand around the county, a cheery musical group is lurking just around the corner.

The ukulele bands with their dungarees, lutes, tiny guitars and banjos are taking over pubs and public events, singing hilarious songs about farming and love.

Even the Suffolk Gazette once featured one such band singing about a woman from Wisbech, whose “extra finger came in handy when she got randy“.

Lorraine Fisher, 34, of the Suffolk Institute of Musical Studies, said comedy ukulele bands had become so popular there was one on every street.

“We thought at first it was just one of those fads. But ukulele comedy is rife and shows no sign of slowing down. You can’t move in town for comedy ukulele bands.”

She noted, however, that well-known Suffolk ginger, Ed Sheeran had himself not quite kept up with the times.

“Ed is noted for playing a tiny guitar on his hits,” said Ms Fisher. “But he has not mastered the ukulele.

“And anyway, his songs aren’t funny. At least they’re not meant to be.”

It is a well-known fact that the people of Norfolk are exceptional ukulele and banjo players on account of having six fingers.

Many such banjo players live around the Norfolk Broads, where there is a theme park based on the cult horror film, Deliverance, owned by business tycoon Dave Wells.

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