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The Nature and Importance of Dental Implants

The Nature and Importance of Dental Implants

It is important to understand what dental implants are before we can delve into how important, or beneficial, they are to us.

Whenever dental surgeons recommend implants to their patients, they are, in essence, recommending a form of dental surgery meant to replace some or all of the teeth roots.

Patients often show up at dental clinics complaining of aches within the teeth or the gum, and although sometimes these pains are a result of gum infection, other times they are caused by broken or rotten teeth roots.

There is another dental treatment procedure that involves fixing dental veneers on the natural teeth, and although it is performed by the same surgeons who fix implants, it is usually done for cosmetic reasons. For example, many famous performing artists have dental veneers that make their smiles bright and pronounced. In fact, the term “Hollywood Smile” is used in reference to such disarming smiles.

What Dental Implant Surgery Entails

The surgery to fix dental implants involves a procedure to replace any roots of the teeth that have proved to be the cause of the patient’s dental problems. During this advanced dental procedure, the natural roots of the teeth are replaced by metallic pieces or parts that look like screws.

The beauty of having implants is that nobody may ever know your teeth are not wholly natural. Your new or modified teeth look all-natural, and they function just like natural teeth. Dental doctors often recommend having implants rather than having the problematic teeth extracted. In fact, implants are great alternatives to dentures.

When and How to Put Dental Implants

Dental surgical procedures, whether involving implants or veneers, can only be confidently done by an expert in the field. In fact, in countries like Turkey, where many people prefer to have their dental procedures done, dental surgery has become a very popular course at the degree level. There are quite a number of clinics that absorb qualified dental implant surgeons; a good example is Dental Centre Turkey located in the city of Antalya.

As for the procedure involved in dental implantation, it is dependent on the kind of implant the patient is going to receive; and the structure and health of the patient’s jawbone.

If only one tooth is problematic, the doctor performs a single-tooth implant procedure, and if the problematic teeth are many, the doctor performs a multiple-tooth implant procedure. In fact, you can find a case where the patient does not have a single healthy tooth, and the dental surgeon has no choice but to perform a full-mouth dental implant procedure.

The endearing thing about going for dental implants, or even dental veneers, is that there are qualified dental technicians with skills good enough to produce custom-made implants and veneers.

Endosteal And Subperiosteal Dental Implants

The major types of implants are the endosteal and subperiosteal varieties; their main difference is the manner in which either of them is attached to the patient’s jawbone.

Endosteal implants are the more common of the two, and they look like tiny screws or cylinders, or even blades. These implants are inserted in the jawbone in a manner to hold one or even more substitute teeth. These replacement or substitute teeth are referred to as prosthetic teeth.

Very often, dental doctors recommend endosteal implants for patients with dentures, or those with dental bridges.

As for subperiosteal implants, doctors often recommend them when the dental implants need to be attached above the jawbone, or directly on it. These types of implants have their metallic posts fixed under the gum; being stuck right into the gum to ensure they are well held in place.

Sometimes dental surgeons recommend subperiosteal implants to patients who wear regular or common dentures; or those whose jawbones are not healthy enough to support endosteal implants.

Alternative Dental Implant Procedures

If the doctor does not think Endosteal or Subperiosteal Dental Implants are suitable for you, he/she may recommend different procedures; like bone augmentation, sinus lift, or ridge extension.

Normally, bone augmentation is done on a patient whose jaw does not have a sufficient healthy bones to hold implants. The procedure of bone augmentation, which involves the use of bone additives as well as growth elements, is done for purpose of restoring weak bone.

The sinus lift procedure, also known as sinus elevation, it is done to help the implants get attached appropriately to the upper and back sections of the jaw. Normally such areas have an insufficient amount of bone, or the quality of bone is poor. The main objective of this procedure is to raise the floor of the sinus, so as to create room for more bone required to hold the necessary number of dental implants. The name of the procedure is derived from the fact that the patient’s affected area is very near the sinus.

Doctors recommend ridge expansion when the patient’s jaw is too thin to offer proper support for the implants. Hence, the procedure calls for the addition of graft matter onto some tiny space at the top area of the jaw; the area known as the ridge. A doctor can also recommend that a patient’s ridge be modified if the jaw is deformed because doing so would enhance the chances of the dental implant procedure becoming successful. A ridge expansion is also great for correcting the cosmetic look of the jaw.

Why it is Important to See a Licensed Dental Surgeon          

It is important to note that dental surgery, which includes procedures associated with dental implants, needs to be carried out by specialists. That is the only way you can enjoy the full benefits of such procedures and avoid unnecessary hitches. For example, patients whose procedures are done in clinics that have qualified dental implant surgeons end up healing quickly. You should also check dental Implants reviews on Trustpilot.

This means you can be assured the area surrounding the dental implant will tighten in good time, and therefore, the dental implant will remain properly supported.

It is important to note that there is the drilling of bone in dental implant procedures, and hence the healing process can take as long as several months. Nevertheless, these procedures are worthwhile because not only do they enhance your physical attractiveness and boost your self-confidence, but they also improve the functionality of your teeth and the entire mouth.

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