Sunday, June 2, 2024

Suffolk faces Norfolk-bumpkin migrant crisis

By Doug Trench
Defence Editor

Suffolk is being hit by a terrifying wave of migrants trying to reach the county from neighbouring Norfolk.

Thousands of desperate Norfolk country bumpkins are attempting to cross the border near Diss to escape horrific conditions near Norwich.

Suffolk police have had to implement Operation Kack, parking up thousands of lorries on the A140 because the border is currently too dangerous to cross.

Makeshift camps have been set up around Dickleburgh and Scole, where the desperate bumpkins are gathering before making daring attempts to get into Suffolk every night.

Their efforts are extremely dangerous, with three having been killed falling into a village pond at Stuston, and another impaling himself on a plough near Hoxne.

Two migrants wait for their chance at an illegal camp near Scole

Now worried north Suffolk residents want the army called in to secure the area and prevent picturesque towns such as Bungay, Halesworth and Stowmarket from being overrun by foreigners.

Nettie Kirtons, 57, from Beccles, said: “It’s awful that these people think they can just come to our county and then take all our benefits. And blocking the A140 means we can’t go on our holidays to Norfolk. It’s a disgrace”

But humanitarian charities defended the right for peasant folk from Norfolk to travel south. Tristan Dew-Goodie of the charity Norfolk ‘N Way, insisted the migrants should be treated with respect.

He said: “They live in desperate conditions in Norfolk under a strict regime of peasant farming and being force-fed mustard. It’s not so much insular as it is backward – we need to recognise they should be allowed to seek out a better life.”

The Suffolk Gazette infiltrated Norfolk last night to discover conditions that Norfolk bumpkins are being forced to live in.

Before long we met Edna Spratt in her hovel in Dereham.

What a hovel: Edna Spratt in Dereham

Miss Spratt, who lives in her hovel with her brother and their 14 children, said: “Conditions here are terrible. We want to go to Suffolk and enjoy a better life. We will be there soon.”

Suffolk police now fear the migrants will abandon their attempts to cross into Suffolk via the A140, and are stepping up patrols on the Suffolk coast to prevent those trying to get in by boat.

They have also increased manpower in Beccles, Bungay and Lowestoft to watch out for stolen boats coming south via the Broads river network.

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