Anglers admit fishing is pointless

By Courtney Pike
Angling Correspondent

Suffolk fishing enthusiasts have finally admitted that their hobby is completely pointless.

After years of sitting about on damp riverbanks waiting for something to happen, they conceded that it rarely did.

And even when they actually managed to catch a fish, they had to put it straight back again.

“It’s slowly dawned on us that we’re wasting our time,” sighed angling fan Dave Barry, 44, from Badingham, near Framlingham. “We sit around on our own for hours at a time staring at a float in the water, waiting for a bite.

“And that’s about as exciting as it gets.”

Dave has been fishing at weekends since he was nine years old, spending a fortune on the latest equipment. But he now realises life has completely passed him by.

“I’ve got a whole new world to explore now,” he enthused. “But I might ease myself in gently by taking up golf.”

imageHook, line and stinker: not a lot happening

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