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Slot tournaments to look out for

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If you are finding a tad bit boring playing the slots online by yourself, why not enter one of the many tournaments that are available these days to spice things up a little. One of the benefits of entering one of these tournaments is the fact that many casino operators love to showcase the new games they have to offer at, and what better way to do this than by hosting a tournament.

How to choose an online slot tournament 

It was not until pretty recently that players could enter a slot game tournament. Tournaments were reserved for poker players because at the time those were the only casino game tournaments on offer. These days, with the progression of technology, players are able to find tournaments for numerous different games. 

It is quite simple to join one of these tournaments and even though they may not hold the same prestige as their poker counterpart, there is something about seeing your name at the top of the leaderboard, even if it is just for a game that is based solely on luck rather than skill.

The best things to look out for when trying to decide on which tournament to enter are the following points. Make sure that the tournament offers players the chance to keep what they win. Most tournaments will be run using the latest games, sometimes this will be the first time the game is being played, it is always nice to be the first to play a game, even if you don’t end up winning the tournament.  

How it works 

Tournaments are usually extremely fast-paced and will keep you on your toes to say the least. The object of the game is simple, spin the reels over and over again and try to make sure that you accumulate more points than your competition. Obviously, your end goal is to make it onto the leaderboard as this is a good indicator that you have done well, whether or not you win the overall tournament.

The best tip that we could offer is this; spin those reels as fast as you possibly can, like your lively-hood depended on it actually. The reason for this is due to the fact that all tournaments have a set time frame of which you need to play in, it goes without saying that the faster you spin, the more spins you will make therefore directly translating into more winning opportunities.

Make sure you read the rules before entering into a competition. Keep an eye out for points such as, is it free or do you need to buy-in. Tournaments that have buy-ins usually offer much better prizes than the free ones.

We think that a deciding factor in which tournament you choose to enter is based on fun, it’s not like anyone likes playing a boring game, so make sure it’s a game you enjoy and full of thrills.

Many tournaments will implement a minimum bet; this means that any spins made under this threshold will not count towards your overall score. 


Slot Fighter, Golden Legend, Enchanted Meadow, Diamond Strike, Irish Gold, Blazin’ Buffalo, Golden Ticket and many more tournaments are available, so get online and find that one that tickles your fancy.

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