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4 warning signs in an online relationship

In an ideal world, singles could embrace online dating uk without any misgivings, engaging in friendly conversation before arranging romantic get-togethers. But life is never that simple. For all that matchmaking websites are dedicated to providing a convenient platform for singles to get to know each other, the very nature of this method of communicating can be problematic. So how can you tell if the person you are messaging is telling you the truth all the time? What are the giveaways which indicate they might be toying with your affections? In short, when it comes to identifying when your relationship might be about to implode, what are the warning signs to look for?

Trust issues
Just as in the offline world, online relationships rely on trust. When this becomes eroded, this is a clear sign all is not as it should be. In order to forge a real and genuine connection in an online environment, it is always vital for both parties to be above board at all times, giving an honest account of their feelings. But if the person you are communicating with is consistently coming out with stories which seem difficult to believe, or they repeat themselves with different variations each time, you have to read between the lines. Why are they not telling the truth? Is it because they are feeding exactly the same lines to other site users they are connecting with?

Communication lapses
Another dead giveaway is communication. Does the person you are connecting with sometimes go off-radar for a considerable period of time? It would only be natural to give them the benefit of the doubt, thinking there may be something going on in their private life, such as someone requiring hospital treatment. But another assumption it would only be natural for you to make is they are playing the field when it comes to their online connections. Perhaps they are hedging their bets, chatting up someone else before getting back to you again.

This is even more exacerbated if they are continually making excuses why they don’t want to web chat with you. What do they have to hide? Is there any possibility the version which would presents itself during a Skype call would radically differ from the profile picture they’ve been using?

Lack of images
What about that profile? Another warning sign would be if they have presented scant images. Do you really think this means they are shy? Or isn’t it more likely they just haven’t got the same intensity of feelings as yourself? After all, if you truly care about them, you would have no qualms about sending them as many pictures as they wished to see. If this is not reciprocated, it would only be natural for you to wonder why they don’t feel the same connection. If the emotions within a relationship are unbalanced, this will be even more exacerbated in an online environment.

Offline commitment
Finally, the greatest warning sign of all concerning an online relationship comes about when discussion centers on taking matters to the next level. For most people, a dating site is merely an introductory platform, somewhere to make the initial connection and get to know a potential partner before embarking on the actual face-to-face dates. But if the person is continually making excuses about not wanting to meet you, then you have to ask yourself why this might be? Would it be because they have an existing girlfriend or even wife whom they do not want you to ever find out about?

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