Smug passenger shaves ten seconds off flight

By Izzy Jett, Aviation Correspondent

A passenger shaved an astonishing ten seconds off his three-hour flight by being the first to unbuckle his seatbelt and open his overhead locker after landing.

Dean Mowenden, of Mildenhall, Suffolk is one of a growing number of passengers who try and get off their planes before anyone else.

Dean Mowenden grabs his bag even before the plane stops

But the annoying behaviour saves them a mere few seconds – and in most cases they then end up waiting with everyone else at the terminal baggage reclaim anyway.


On Wednesday morning, on a flight from Stansted Airport to Majorca, factory worker Mowenden timed his manoeuvre just right, grabbing his hand luggage and getting a few rows closer to the exit door of the jet before those around him had even moved.

It meant he was walking down the plane steps a full ten seconds earlier than he would have been had he waited patiently to disembark like everyone else.

‘Well chuffed’

“I was well chuffed with that,” Mowenden told the Suffolk Gazette from his seafront hotel room. “I felt my holiday really started so much earlier.”

But fellow passengers were not so impressed. Iris Contrail, 64, said: “These people who unbuckle and stand up even before the seatbelt signs have been turned off are really annoying.

“They have no patience and clearly think they deserve to be off faster.”

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