Ipswich terror target shock

By Ben Twaters
Security Correspondent

Hopes were raised today that a planned terror attack on Ipswich could cause millions of pounds worth of improvements.

Alleged plans by so-called Islamic State to crash planes into Ipswich, Brighton, Bath and London were revealed in a national newspaper over the weekend.

The Sunday Express claimed ISIS-supporting commercial airline pilots had discussed attacks in coded radio communications picked up the RAF and passed to GCHQ.

Beautiful: Ipswich town centre

Suffolk locals were shocked by the claims they could be targeted.

“Ipswich town centre has become a no-go zone in recent years. Flattening it would be a tremendous boost.”

There was still confusion in Whitehall about why Ipswich was selected.

A Home Office insider told the Suffolk Gazette: “Ipswich town centre is already a wasteland; there’s nothing of note there.

“We can only speculate that one of the ISIS commanders is a Norwich fan.

“Either that or they have opened up a surprise new battle front against pound shops, mobile phone outlets and street beggars.”

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