Friday, May 3, 2024

Looks like it’s turning out to be a FINE day!

Suffolk police have rolled out a new parking ticket which may shock you. This week, a new parking fine ticket has been rolled out which has caused uproar in the community.

The new ticket is bolder than it’s predecessor and is emblazoned with the following warning: You’ve parked like a cat. Do not do it again. Warning. The person who ‘parked’ this vehicle doesn’t care about other people, the selfish stupid.

Public reaction on new parking ticket:

There have been many in the community who have shown their disgust with the choice of words used on the new ticket. G. Spotte, 28, lives locally and shared her thoughts with us.

“I am utterly disgusted at the police. Using the word c is sexist! As a proud feminist, I am furious that the people think it acceptable to use words for female anatomy in such a negative light.

Twice on this ticket they have referred to the female form but can we see any adjectives with male connotations? No! Because the patriarchy is oppressive and wishes to squash female power!”

Miss Spotte has since collected signatures from fellow activists who wish to campaign for the new tickets to be rephrased in a more inclusive way that will deprecate drivers of all genders equally.

Petition against new parking ticket:

PC Ste Lit made comment on the disapproving feedback received from the public: “Our intention was not to target or isolate any one gender. Our aim was to reduce the ambiguity residing in the previous tickets. We had many situations in which people would struggle to understand why they had received a ticket for parking in a disabled bay without a badge or parking on double yellow lines – as such, we decided to make the parking ticket clearer to understand for all.”

In response to G. Spotte’s petition, Suffolk police have opened a poll on their Facebook page, encouraging locals to vote on their preferred phrasing. While cat remains high in the votes.

Have you voted?

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