Thursday, June 6, 2024

Is this a Banksy in Ipswich? Cafe owner hopeful of windfall

Is this a Banksy in Ipswich?

A local business owner claims the famous graffiti artist Banksy is behind this new exhibit on her back wall.

This week, Banksy confirmed he created ten pieces of work that caused a sensation along the Suffolk and Norfolk coast.

Now, coffee shop owner Lorraine Fisher, 34, insists this new creation must also be by the secretive artist.

“It looks like one of his pieces of work to me,” she told the Suffolk Gazette.

“It’s a bit of a coincidence he was going up and down the coast not far from here and then this appeared days later.

“He was obviously coming through Ipswich on his way back from his holiday. Perhaps he even had a bacon sarnie in my cafe?” pondered Lorraine from her coffee shop, The Daily Grind, in St Patrick’s Lane

“I just hope the local council doesn’t come along and clean it off like they do with the rest of the graffiti. It must be worth a lot of money. I am already dreaming about what I will spend it on.”

But art experts doubt the graffiti on Lorraine’s wall is a genuine Banksy.

“I don’t know; something about it looks a little off,” said Professor Steve Walshe of the Suffolk University art department.

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