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Game of Thrones to be filmed on Norfolk border

Game of Thrones Norfolk
Exciting: Scenes like this will be common on the Norfolk border

Television blockbuster Game of Thrones is moving to the Norfolk border where there is a ready supply of strange creatures.

Producers of the series, which is watched by millions worldwide, were said to be impressed by the wall being built along the county border to keep Norfolk people out of Suffolk.

With a scattering of fake snow, it will soon resemble the ‘Wall’ which marks the northern limit of civilization protected by Jon Snow’s Nightwatch against hoards of marauding wildings, dire wolves, white walkers, giants and other mythical creatures.

Huge savings on computer generated imagery will be possible as many of these creatures are believed to actually still live in Norfolk. Some claim to have seen dragons in the blackened wastes beyond Diss, but sceptics put this down to overindulgence in turnip hooch, the highly flammable tipple of choice in those parts.

Better known to us as country bumpkins, many of the locals in Norfolk have been offered parts as wildings. They need no make up, wardrobe or prosthetic extra fingers, saving even more cash for the production team.

The character Craster has over 30 wives, many of whom are his own daughters and casting has previously proved to be a problem. But no more! In Norfolk there are numerous similar family groups.

Rattleshirt, the Lord of Bones along with Tormund Giantsbane were found in a pub in Dereham where many of the locals were rumoured to be snarks and skin shifters. Sufficient body doubles for the dwarf Tyrion Lannister have been found but hard-up locals are still being urged to contact the production company for work as extras.

Barleywood studios near Beccles is gearing up for filming to begin later this year, and several stars of the show have been seen looking for digs around Saxmundham. Kit Harrington, who plays the heroic Jon Snow, was spotted enjoying a pint in the Bell Hotel along with scheming Margaery Tyrell – played by Natalie Dormer.

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