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‘Easter Bunny’ robs Suffolk off licence


By Rob Banks, Crime Editor

A robber wore an Easter Bunny disguise to hold up an off licence before hopping it from police, the Suffolk Gazette can reveal.

Cops came within a whisker of catching the “rabbit” when he stopped to pose for photographs after his heist at the All Boozed Up store near the town’s waterfront.


The robber had legged it with £120 in cash and a bottle of vodka, before heading to Christchurch Park where he stopped to pose for photographs for a group of school children.

He was last seen running towards Westerfield Road before disappearing in the warren of side streets.

Police have no idea why the robber chose a topical Easter Bunny disguise. “A rabbit does not normally drink vodka, and if he needed cash he could have burrowed it.”

Officers believe he has now gone underground, and want anyone who has seen a six-foot man with big pointy ears, a receding hareline and a fluffy tail to contact them immediately.


Meanwhile, a Suffolk bishop has said churchgoers should eat more chocolate, as it is the real meaning of Easter.

And a teacher has been suspended after telling young children in her class that you get hot cross buns by putting rabbits in a microwave.


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