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How the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge supported their community through the pandemic

William and Kate (Photo: Tsaiproject under CC BY-SA 2.0)

Rarely do normal people have anything in common with the British Royal Family and their lifestyle, but over the course of the past months, we have all been living the same life of self-isolation, inactivity, and stress.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us change the way we live our day to day lives, and the Royal Family was no exception, but of course, their quarantine looks a lot more glamorous than just about anyone else’s in the world.

But the Royal Family, Specifically Kate and William along with their three young children have made it a mission to use their voice and resources to help the brits cope with the hardships of a lockdown.

They have been involved with multiple charities that have been reaching out to appropriate organizations and even holding webinars to help bring awareness around the topics that most people will likely overlook when getting into self-isolation or quarantining alone or with family.

One of the most popular posts by the Kensington Palance depicts three young children of William and Kate, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis clapping for the essential workers of Britain. It was a social campaign that has taken over the UK and has become a primary way for regular people to express their gratitude towards NHS and everyone working in the essential services and businesses, keeping the country moving and alive even as the pandemic is raging through.

Britain has officially become the worst-hit country in Europe but over the course of the last couple of weeks, some positive changes have also developed in pandemic statistics.

But apart from the obvious health concerns, there is a lot that has changed while the whole world has been stuck at home. As mentioned by the Duchess of Cambridge during an online conference with one of the charitable organizations, the UK has seen a huge rise in demand for real money casino games online. The brits love their gambling games but it turns out they love it even more when there is pretty much nothing else to do. As people quarantined together or apart, without the option of leaving the house, online entertainment has taken the focal point in keeping people entertained and sane during this quarantine.

Another interesting observation made by Kate Middleton also notes that during the pandemic a lot more people took up drinking again, trying to make the stay-at-home order a bit more tolerable.

The fact that staying inside all day is no easy task is something that the royal family is well aware of. This is why Prince William and The Duchess have introduced a mental health program for the essential workers.

It is hard enough to be living in the constant fear of the pandemic, but when you have to work during these very confusing times in order to make sure that the cities and communities can continue to function, it is even more stressful.

There are hundreds of videos of NHS staff or other essential workers breaking down in the middle of their shifts simply because the pressure and the workload are far too great for any human being to handle, this, of course, will leave a mental scar on many many essential workers which is why Willian and Kate have decided to offer this mental health program that will be free of charge to anyone who is struggling with mental health issues due to their trauma and exhaustion at work.

William and Kate have also been involved with the NHS on a more professional level, even opening a new hospital via virtual message. Prince William was the one who addressed the staff at the opening of the Nightingale Hospital in Birmingham where the Duke of Cambridge yet again expressed his admiration for the NHS and pledges to support thyme through and through as the pandemic starts to calm down and other issues will start to resurface as the result of the aftermath of COVID-19.

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