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Doner kebab keeps trapped man alive for weeks

A man who fell down a disused well survived for THREE WEEKS by munching on his doner kebab and chips.

Trevor Jenkins had enjoyed a night out with pals in Ipswich but plunged down a well on a building site when he took a short-cut home.

Unhurt but stuck and unable to call for help, he would have died were it not for his tasty late-night snack.

The doner kebab and chips he had bought from the nearby Ali Baba’s Yum Yum kebab shop has so many calories that he was able to survive on it for nearly three weeks.

Only then did the builders return to site after their mid-summer break and find Mr Jenkins.

Staff at Ipswich’s life-saving Ali Baba Yum Yum kebab shop prepare another dish

The amazing story confirms what pub-goers have been saying for years – that late-night kebabs are good for you.

Speaking from his home in Westerfield Road, Ipswich, Mr Jenkins said: “I thought I was a goner when I fell down the well with my doner. But my meal kept me alive.

“I managed to make it last 19 days and wasn’t hungry at all. I ate a slice of meat every six hours, and a small piece of salad as well. I saved the pitta bread for a treat on Sundays.

“Never let anyone tell you that kebabs are not good for you.”

Experts estimate a large doner kebab and chips can contain at least 15,000 calories.

Ipswich Hospital nutritionist Dai Etishion said: “We stress that late-night fast food like kebab and chips have far too many calories in – luckily this is one case where it helped keep someone alive rather than kill them.”

Mr Jenkins, who was able to drink water in the bottom of the well, returned to work last week, where colleagues were delighted to see him back unharmed.

One said: “All’s well that ends well.”

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