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Davide Ancelotti is the secret hero of Real Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti (Photo by Doha Stadium Plus Qatar under CC by 2.0)

Carlo Ancelotti is a mega-title coach. The Italian took the Champions League for the fourth time last week, two of them with Real Madrid. But the latest victory has a nice nuance: Carlo won the Champions League for the first time with his son as an assistant.

There are many types of predictions in the world of soccer betting, but the most popular and easiest to understand is the 1X2 prediction. And the Champions League final is no exception in this regard, where Real Madrid pulled out a victory with a minimum advantage.

This is not the first year Davide Ancelotti has helped his father on the staff. In 2014, the 24-year-old was in charge of physical training. But now he is an assistant head coach and seems to be the second man at Real Madrid after Carlo.

It’s time to get to know him.

He played in Milan’s academy. But ended his career at 20 and concentrated on his education

Davide was born in July 1989 – just a couple of months after his father, still a player, won the European Cup with AC Milan, where he built a powerful team with the likes of Gullit, Van Basten and Baresi.

Davide played in the academy of AC Milan as a midfielder, and even played in the lower echelons of Italian leagues on loan, but realised that he would not become a great player. At his peak, his transfer value was estimated at 50,000 euros. “Everyone wants to become a professional player. I realised I had no talent, so I decided to study. I played in the fifth division, but I was very slow. I’m better as a coach,” Ancelotti Jr. explained.

At 20, Davide ended his career and plunged into his studies. By then, he was studying sports science at the University of Parma. His work on the movements of soccer players impressed the commission. He also defended with excellent grades a thesis on the energy expenditure of soccer players.

Davide knows five languages and has a way with everyone. The players respect him

Davide is fluent in five languages – Italian, English, German, French and Spanish. This is a powerful factor, because communication is the cornerstone of everything.

Before Bavaria, Davide spent eight months learning German. And at the first stage, he helped his dad – Carlo knew the basics, but sometimes he got lost and did not understand speech by ear. At Bayern that was very strict: president Henness insisted that everyone should speak only German in the locker room, and proposed to fine those who did not.

At Everton, thanks to his knowledge of languages, Davide found a connection with everyone. Under Marc Silva (Ancelotti’s predecessor) the team suffered because of language barriers. But Ancelotti Jr. found common ground.

At Everton, he spoke privately and in groups with players and staff in order to explain key principles and get to know each other better. And the conversations were not just about soccer, but about life in general.

There was talk of respect for Davide during his first period at Real Madrid as well. A very young guy was finding his way with superstars like Ronaldo and Ramos. Ancelotti Jr. is also called a modern coach who works well with information and loves technology.

Real Madrid fans can only rejoice at the son of the head coach who contributed to the success of their favorite club in the Champions League final.

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