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Blackjack online: tips to win while having fun

Online casinos have been a game-changer, not just in how gambling is perceived but also in the popularity of certain games.

A decade ago, slot machines were hugely more popular than table games in land-based casinos. This was partially due to the fact that tables were usually crowded out. There always have been also different factors like jackpots, casino bonuses etc. To learn more about top free spins bonuses in Australia, visit

However, there are no crowded tables in online casinos, and once you factor out the numerous free slots online, you’re left with two close frontrunners for the most popular casino games; slot games and blackjack.

This boom in popularity of blackjack is due to its attractiveness as regards ease of learning and the possibility of skill playing a role in your fortunes. The choice for most people has become simple; play the slots and stand the chance of winning a jackpot or play blackjack and bet on yourself.

Rules for playing blackjack

Regardless of the choice that is made, you are most likely to have fun. This likelihood increases if you do know how to play the game you select. If your choice is Blackjack, this list of primary rules should be a great starting point:

  1. Blackjack is a game between a player and the house (not another player).
  2. Every game of blackjack begins with the dealer at the table dealing each player and themselves two cards. Both cards of every player are face up while one of the dealer’s cards is placed face up.
  3. After the initial deal, every player has a choice: stand (hold onto the two cards as they are) or hit (be dealt another card). The goal is to get closer to 21 than the dealer.
  4. Based on this, the dealer checks their other card to see if they have a better hand than the player. If the player does, that’s a win for them; if the dealer has a better hand than the player, it’s a win for the house.

What tips and tricks are helpful in backjack?

This is where blackjack differs from most games. Live poker is a game of skill because you are going to be weighing your hand and gauging those of others based on a variety of factors. Roulette is plain luck with the opportunity to bet in a wide variety of ways. Slots are… slots. Blackjack, on the other hand, effectively combines the unpredictability of slots, the weighing/probability of poker and the plain luck of roulette. Those are not the only casino games that exist, but they fit our purpose best. Now, you can consider the little tips below to improve the fun factor in blackjack:

  1. Decide on a bankroll. The difference between a degenerate gambler on the road to financial ruin and a player having fun is in having an effective bankroll. The ideal way to structure a bankroll would be to set aside a maximum amount of money you’re comfortable losing. This lump sum would then be divided into multiple parts depending on the size of each bet you would be taking. Such a move would extend the number of hands you could have and increase the playing time. Be ready to win and get to know more about how to withdraw your winnings without delay.
  2. Decide on the number of hands you’re willing to play beforehand. Bankroll or no bankroll, it is a good idea to have decided on a maximum number of hands before you start playing. A better applicable variation of this tip is to have a maximum number of consecutive losing hands you can take. For example, it might be a good idea to stop playing after 5 or 10 straight losing hands.
  3. Try out all possible variations of the game. It is not uncommon for certain casinos to offer variations of the game that implement different types of bets. If your casino of choice allows such variations, try them out; there’s no fun in monotony when there is an alternative.

What is the blackjack basic strategy?

There is a blackjack strategy that is universally accepted as being intelligent in the application. Furthermore, it doesn’t require years of training. However, it does require a fair bit of studying, practice, memory and the knowledge that it is not infallible. What it does bring to the table, though, is a drastic reduction in the house edge on blackjack if you can master it. The strategy is called the “basic strategy” and was developed by Julian Braun. This strategy is widely available today in the form of charts showing the statistically advantageous move to make at every juncture of a blackjack game. The basic strategy essentially increases your chances of victory and, consequently, fun. Even when online gambling growth slows while betting shops rebounding, your blackjack strategy will work efficiently.

Are there other ways to secure an advantage in blackjack?

It seems that humans are always seeking to beat the system others have created, and the same happens in blackjack. The above basic strategy grants advantages to players that can do the studying and have memory. However, there are less legal but surer ways to secure an advantage. Some of these are:

  1. Counting cards. This isn’t particularly illegal, but it is frowned on by many casinos. That said, the strategy does well if you know it well.
  2. Shuffle tracking. This is more difficult than counting but can be applied effectively throughout a game, unlike counting.
  3. Spying and identification of cards. This tactic is self-explanatory.

Are side bets allowed in blackjack?

Well, this was one of the reasons for the crowded tables at land-based blackjack games. You would be surprised at how many casino goers simply played on side bets alone. They can be lucrative, and blackjack is one of those games that draw side bettors. Ironically (or expectedly; we don’t know which) side bets could range from the perfectly logical to the impossible lucky. Some examples of side bets in blackjack are:

  • Lucky Lucky
  • Bust It
  • Royal Match
  • Lucky Ladies
  • In Bet
  • Perfect Pairs
  • Match the Dealer
  • 21+3

Final thoughts

Blackjack is interesting to play, but it is still a gambling game that involves money. When playing in an online casino, the singular most important trick to having fun and saving money is to always walk away from the tables when there is less fun and more pressure. With all we have shared, you should have a swell time when next you play.

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