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Dr Dre reveals Beets By Dray inspired by Suffolk farmer

By Arthur Aspall, Entertainment Editor

Multi-millionaire rapper Dr Dre got the inspiration for his famous music headphones while being caught behind slow-moving farm traffic in Suffolk, we can reveal.

Talking exclusively to the Suffolk Gazette, he told for the first time how his Beets By Dray headphones were dreamt up on the A134 near Bury St Edmunds.


“I was on vacation in the UK and driving through west Suffolk when I got held up behind this horse and cart pulling a load of beet to the Bury St Edmunds sugar beet factory.

“It is a very windy, narrow road, nothing like the eight-lane highways I am used to back in California, and I was stuck for hours.

“I was just staring at the back of this dray full of beet, and then I thought, ‘Hey, beets by dray sounds pretty cool’ – and my brand was born!”

beets-by-dray-1Dr Dre’s photo of the Suffolk farmer who inspired him on the A134

When Dr Dre, 51, got back to the US, he set about putting his production plans into action, and the Beets By Dray brand sprang to life. His trendy, high-powered and colourful headphones began to sell in their millions. They became so successful that Dr Dre’s company, Beets Electronics turned over $1.5 billion in 2013 and was bought by Apple one year later.

beats-by-dreBeets By Dray

“And I owe it all to the A134 in Suffolk and a very slow farmer,” Dr Dre said.


He told the Suffolk Gazette he took a photograph of the farmer on that fateful day in 2008, which he has allowed us to reproduce here, and he would now like to track him down. “I’d happily return to England and reward this farmer for giving me the idea for Beets By Dray,” he said.

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