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8 tips for keeping your business secure in 2021

Hopefully, 2021 will be a much better one than the previous year, as most businesses have now learned to live with the new normal. That being said, it is more important than ever to keep your business secure by adopting the latest technology and new security features. In this article, we’ll share 8 top tips for keeping your business secure in 2021.

1. Appoint a security manager or floor marshall

A security manager is essential even for small companies, while large operations will need a Floor Marshall to oversee each floor or area. Intruders are smart enough to exploit the absence of a proper visitor management policy in a business. Remember, employees rarely notice the presence of a new face on the premises but the security manager’s job is to monitor newcomers and ask for proof of identity to ensure only authorized people gain access.

2. Secure contactless payments

The COVID-19 outbreak forced most businesses to adopt contactless payment methods, and this means it is important to focus on encryption and security of the credentials for such systems. The use of mobile wallets is on the rise and it is your duty to secure your clients’ private data from spying tools and potential hacking attempts.

Always choose to use the most secure payment methods and invest in the latest digital and networking security solutions.  A safe payment method is one part, and you must also offer a protective encryption shield to protect private financial data from decryption attempts.

3. Automatic vehicle identification

This is one of the best ways to make life hard for intruders looking to gain access to your site. Efficient AI-driven automatic vehicle identification solutions will not only improve the security of your premises but will also optimise parking efficiency.

These solutions include:

Automatic vehicle identification solutions lower the chances of criminal activities and unauthorized access to locks, rooms, and important locations. On the other hand, unchecked entry to your business’ premises increases the chances of theft or asset or information, damage, or harm coming to your employees and visitors.

4. Cybersecurity

Our ways are now largely digital and not only payment gateways but also client data remains at risk of unauthorized access. There is a huge variety of free cybersecurity software available these days, but they are largely ineffective. Always go for paid cybersecurity solutions to ensure the highest level of protection. Otherwise, you risk huge fines, possible legal action, and irreversible damage to your business’ reputation.

Cybersecurity solutions must include the following aspects:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Adopt Passphrase (minimum 16 characters)
  • Restrict USB Devices
  • Constantly Upgrade Firewall Configurations

5. Always stay informed

Criminals will use the same methods as long as they do not become outdated or the usual suspect. Not only the same group of criminals but also copycat criminals may try to replicate successful crimes in your business. Therefore, it is critical to stay informed of current trends in cybercrimes to anticipate threats and take suitable proactive measures.

6. AI-driven access control

Conventional digital locks are largely ineffective these days since they can be easily hacked by most cybercriminals. Easy access to your company’s server room can cause a lot of damage to your business. It is better to install smart, AI-driven access control systems featuring fingerprint scanners or even eye scanners. These locks are expensive but offer a higher level of protection for your most precious files, drives, servers, and assets of your business.

7. Hire ethical hackers

Frequent evaluation of your business’ security measures should also include regularly testing your cybersecurity systems. Ethical hackers can pinpoint minor, significant, as well as usually-overlooked loopholes. They help your business to stay one step ahead of the hackers trying to infiltrate your network to steal confidential data. These days, hacking has become the major source of compromised information that further contributes to a major criminal activity.

8. Review your business security regularly

Compromise of business security systems is typically the result of a lack of regular evaluation. Adversity often strikes when it is least expected. Quiet times when you feel safe are when intruders are likely preparing for their next score. Readiness and anticipation are key! The major purpose of hiring a security manager or Floor Marshall is to use their experience, knowledge, and wisdom to think like an intruder to anticipate potential malicious attempts.

Regardless of the efficiency of the security systems of your business, make sure to regularly conduct a comprehensive risk assessment regularly, preferably every six months. Technology is developing fast, but so are cybercriminals, and they are surprisingly quick at finding new ways to hack security measures. This skill at taking advantage of vulnerabilities makes regular risk assessments and security upgrades essential.

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