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How to create a winning 10-page paper

A large piece of writing is always scary. Students get worried thinking that they have no idea what to put into ten pages or how to complete such a big task in a short-term. However, every single student has to deal with a 10-page paper at least once. In this article, you will find out how to write a large paper successfully and make it stand out.

Here are some working tips that will help you to manage the task and complete it successfully. We gathered these recommendations to help you write a 10 page paper and break it down into bites, so the whole process of writing will become interesting and challenging (in a good sense).

Best tips to help you to compose a 10-page paper

– The best tip that will help you to write a large paper and make it successful is to start in advance. The more time you leave for preparing, the faster you will complete a paper. Start doing research as early as possible. Depending on the topic complexity, you may need to research it for a week. Some information can be taken from students, some from the Internet, and some somewhere far on the shelf of a library.
– Another reason to start in advance is to give yourself time to write and rewrite every bit if necessary. If you aim to deliver the best paper possible, then proofreading, editing and rewriting are important steps your paper should go through.
– Make a plan. Separate your paper into bits and plan how much time you will need to devote to each. When you are composing a winning paper in stages, it makes the whole process much easier. A timeline table with dates and tasks will help you to stick to the plan and complete every bit on time. For example, divide the whole task of writing a 10-page paper into obtaining knowledge about the topic, finding resources, taking notes, writing a two-page overview of a source of information, defining five major aspects of the topic and writing about them, dividing a topic into subtopics and discussing them, composing a few paragraphs of analysis, developing a thesis statement, writing a draft of the paper.
– Never leave writing a 10-page paper for the last-minute. The worst case scenario is that you may not find appropriate information. Therefore, you might struggle with writing even the few first pages. Remember that every paper needs a strong thesis statement, and if there is no supporting information, you will have to look for a new topic or just face failure.

The Structure of a winning 10-Page paper

As we have already mentioned above, it is important to break large papers into small units. Usually, a 10-page paper consists of approximately twenty-two paragraphs. So, how to divide the paper and information into twenty-two paragraphs? Follow experts’ advice and deliver a smartly structured paper, and get a high-grade:

– Two paragraphs of the introduction. Start the first paragraph with a question. Tell a brief story and explain why the story needs interpretation. In the second paragraph, you need to answer the question that you placed in the beginning. The second paragraph should end with a thesis statement and should catch readers’ attention and make them interested in reading your paper to the end.
– Eighteen paragraphs of the body. The body is the biggest part of any paper. So, eighteen paragraphs are the right number for a 10-page paper. Divide the body part into subheads. State one side’s position in the first part of the body and discuss the opposing opinion in the next. In the last part of the body, you can explain how the conflict was resolved supporting it with evidence. Therefore, to write such a big number of paragraphs and provide interesting information, and avoid repeating the same information just to extend the content as much as possible, you need to conduct research on the topic in advance.
– Two paragraphs of the conclusion. Replicate your thesis statement and explain why your idea or thought is the best in understanding the topic in the first paragraph. Prove the importance of your argument and the story in general in the second part of the conclusion.

Hopefully, those recommendations will make you feel calm about an upcoming task of writing a 10-page paper. Try them and see how easy it is to compose a large paper when you divide it into parts and plan your work in advance.

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