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Unforgettable Food Hot-spots Around the World to Visit

Global Food Hot-spots to Visit

One of the best parts of traveling is being able to experience different cultures and everything they have to offer. This includes all of the amazing authentic food you have never tried before. You can find food tours around the globe that will allow you to experience the traditional taste of some of the most extravagant places. Here are some unforgettable food hot spots around the world that you should definitely visit.

Manila, Philippines

Up first is Manila in the Philippines which is a place bustling with rich culture and very special cuisine. Something that makes the food very unique to this place is that almost all of the ingredients used in cooking come from the country itself. This means the flavors can only really be found in the Philippines making it a super unique experience for visitors. 

The best way to try the different foods that Manila has to offer is to go straight to the street foods. Here you will find the unfiltered dishes that the Philippinos eat themselves and will get the best idea of the cuisine found there. If you aren’t sure what foods to try first, here is a small list of some popular dishes. Crispy Pata, Kare Kare, Bulalo, and Pancit Guisado are just some of the famous dishes to come out of the Philippines. 

Dublin, Ireland

Global Food Hot-spots to Visit

Ireland may be a country that you hadn’t thought of as being somewhere people would visit for the food but you’d be mistaken. Dublin offers a wide range of interesting and delicious dishes. It is a melting pot of cultures that has an Irish twist mixed into the different foods you can find there. One of the best parts about the food in Dublin is the options you have.

You can choose fine dining restaurants offering 7-course meals and food you’ve never tried before or you can try things like kimchi at local Korean restaurants. There are of course lots of opportunities to try some authentic Irish food including Irish stew and fish dishes at many of the popular pubs. One thing that you can be sure of when visiting Dublin, you will not run out of options for food. In fact, you may find yourself extending your stay to fit in more restaurant bookings.

New York City, USA

Global Food Hot-spots to Visit

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that New York has made it onto this list of unforgettable food hot spots around the world. It has everything from the most impressive fine dining experience all the way to unique street food. Thanks to the large influence of Italian culture in this huge city, you can find some of the best pizza and pasta restaurants in the world here. If you fancy something cheap but delicious then try out a hot dog from one of the staple street vendors.

Chefs from all around the world travel to work in New York City so you really get to experience the highest quality of cooking that you will struggle to find anywhere else. In addition to the food on offer, New York City is a great place to explore and take in the atmosphere that is unique to the big apple. There are endless amounts of things you can do in this city so take a look to see what activities you fancy and book your next trip.

Mumbai, India

Global Food Hot-spots to Visit

If you are looking for authentic food to try then look no further than Mumbai, India. As you travel to different locations around India, the ingredients all change and you will experience a completely different style of food. The spices are fresh and made in India so you will be enjoying food enjoyed by Indians themselves and get a real taste of the cuisine on offer there. 

There are so many different foods to try but the best place to see what’s on offer is definitely at the street food markets. There you will be able to see all different kinds of freshly made foods right in front of you and you can pick out what you want. You will find yourself eating with your eyes as you want to try everything on offer but be careful to leave some space for some authentic Indian desserts. There are also plenty of fabulous restaurants in Mumbai that can offer a fine dining experience if that is something you are interested in as well. This way you get to experience traditional foods cooked by highly trained chefs and served to you in all kinds of unique ways.

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