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Survey reveals people are fed up with surveys

By Colin Allcabs
Consumer Affairs Editor

A shock survey has revealed that people are totally fed up with reading pointless survey results.

The poll by Suffolk company Daft Research found consumers were irritated by surveys conducted by PR companies and then supplied to the media as genuine ‘news articles’.

survey results

Pointless polls

A huge majority of 87% said they were completely cheesed off with being bombarded by ridiculous surveys, such as the funeral company which ‘revealed’ that most people would prefer not to die tomorrow, or the roadside assistance company which astonishingly concluded that most drivers would rather not break down on a motorway.

Only 27% of those questioned by Daft Research said they did not mind reading about endless surveys, while 15% said they did not know what they felt. Another 10% said they could not add up.

A spokesman for Daft Research, which sent the Suffolk Gazette this story in a press release, said: “Commisioning a survey with stupid questions just to try and create a story simply grates on the consumer.”

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