Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Anger as Suffolk postcodes replace Norfolk ones

By Suffolk Gazette Staff

The residents of Norfolk were fuming last night with news that the county will be forced to adopt IP postcodes from neighbouring Suffolk.

Royal Mail staff have downgraded Norfolk because so few people can read or write there, making letters or deliveries a rare commodity.


To save money, executives have decided to simply extend the current Suffolk postcode system, which uses popular IP postcodes based on Ipswich, the county town.

Under the reorganisation, which will begin in the New Year, all Norwich addresses will use IP99 postcodes, with all outlying areas of the county using various IP number combinations.

Norfolk 2
Norfolk’s traditional postcode areas will be eliminated

A Royal Mail insider said: “There is no point supporting NR postcodes when nobody there understands letters. In Suffolk they are much better educated and make full use of the postal service.

“It makes perfect sense for us to extend the IP reach into neighbouring Norfolk, which we hear depends a lot on Suffolk anyway.”

But Norfolk people were furious. Edna Spratt, who lives in a hovel near Dereham, fumed: “I am fuming. I have no idea what a letter is or how I would go about writing one, but I know that if I did it should have nothing to do with Suffolk.”

Edna Spratt on LinkedIn
Peasant Edna Spratt fuming in her Norfolk hovel

Some business leaders were supportive of the plans. Cletus Spuckler, who runs a smallholding specialising in turnips, said: “Suffolk postcodes will give my business address more prestige. Creating the right impression is vital.”

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