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Steps to make cannabis butter (cannabutter) in your kitchen

How to make cannabis butter? You must have heard that cannabis butter is beneficial to health. In fact, in some parts of the country, its manufacturing and distribution have been legalized. A large number of chefs love making cannabis butter considering it a must ingredient of lunches and dinners.

Despite the fact that you have heard about its disadvantages, experts reveal that cannabis butter or weed is good for both body and mind. It boosts your performance, keeps your body active, and improves your mental capabilities to an extent. If you had been looking for a cannabutter recipe, then here we in collaboration with bestpot.ca have shared some steps for you to have a better understanding.

Step 1 – Decarboxylation
You should decarboxylate the butter and weed to get desired results. In order to make cannabis butter or marijuana-infused butter, you should apply heat to cannabis for several minutes. This process is called decarboxylation. It will activate the chemicals, THC, in the cannabis and you will able to obtain the butter without compromising on quality or taste. Usually, chefs recommend to heat the oven up to 250 degrees and place cannabis plant in it for several minutes. Baking for forty minutes would be great. While heating and baking, you should make sure that the cannabis becomes crumbly and dry. It is when you have to add it to the oil or butter of desire.

Step 2 – Saucepan & proportions
How to make cannabutter? In the next step, you should take some water in a small saucepan and boil it for some minutes. Add some marijuana into it and make sure it floats about 2.2 inches from the bottom of your saucepan. When the water will begin boiling, you should let butter to melt. Give it several moments or minutes to get melted properly. Ideally, you can use four to five sticks of butter in one ounce of weed or marijuana.

Step 3 – Melting and mixing
Once you see that the butter has been melted, you should begin adding marijuana and let it settle for some time. Turn the heat off when the weed is added in a low proportion. If you will let it cook for some hours, weed will get properly adjusted in the butter. Keep cooking until you have obtained a thick and mouth-watering thing.

Step 4 – Bowl
When the butter and cannabis fully settle with each other in the saucepan, you should transfer them to one of your heatproof bowls. Most often, chefs use plastic food containers for weed butter. You can do the same but make sure a thick layer of cheese has become visible on the top. You may wrap it with a plastic wrapper to be ensured of hygiene.

Step 5 – Straining
Staining is one of the most important steps. You should stain your weed butter for some minutes in the bowl. During this process, you should not spill it at any cost. In the next step, you will have to squeeze out the butter.

Step 6 – Cooling & freezing
How to make weed butter? Cooling and freezing are one of the major steps to take into consideration. You should let the butter cool down for some hours. Ideally, you can place it in the refrigerator and let the butter rise to the top layer of the plate or bowl. It should transform into a solid form, and the presence of THC means you have not compromised on the quality.

Step 7 – Rolling
Take a sharp knife and run it carefully around the edges so that the butter looks beautiful. Remove all of the cooking oil or water from its surface, and the weed butter will be ready to serve.

Interesting benefits of cannabis butter
There are a lot of benefits of marijuana butter, and doctors always recommend it to their patients depending on their disease status and health condition. From a medicinal point of view, it is edible and promotes good health. You may use it to manage depression, anxiety and other problems. Plus, it is good for cancer and HIV/AIDS patients. Experts indicate that cannabis butter is good for people with memory loss, malaria, and other similar issues. However, you should not use it without the recommendation of your doctor. In addition, it helps manage seizures and soothes your nerves. Studies indicate that cannabis butter regulates the blood flow in the body and helps women get the flawless and adorable skin.

It is the dream of every lady to have beautiful and shining skin. For this purpose, they use different cosmetics and spend a lot on beauty products. However, if you opt for cannabis butter or weed, you will get a lot of benefits in a short time, meaning you will not have to spend anything on your beauty products and can save a lot of money while maintaining your beauty and grace.
A plethora of researches shows that marijuana’s compounds help prevents cancer and other chronic diseases. With the passage of time, every two out of 1000 people suffer from cancer or HIV/AIDS. These are the two most dangerous diseases that may take the life instantly or within days. The regular consumption of marijuana or cannabis butter is good for such patients. However, you should not use any of these products without the recommendation and advice of your doctor. The chance is that your current stage of cancer does not permit you to consume cannabis butter or to smoke weed.

It is considered a good alternative to painkillers and regulates your sleeping habits to an extent. If you have been using medicines because you are unable to sleep well at night, you might be asked to rely on cannabis butter or weed for some days. Similarly, if you have pain in some part of your body or are suffering from the joint problem, the chance is that your doctor will diagnose the disease and recommend cannabis or medical marijuana.

It is enough to prove that making cannabis butter is good not only for you but also for your family. If you are a working woman or a businessman, you can definitely try making it at home as it won’t take a lot of time.

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