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Recipe box demand surges during pandemic

Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted economic and social activities globally. We have seen the world go from normalcy to lockdowns, border closures as well as other myriads of restrictions. Millions of people have struggled with economic hardships, mental health issues, homelessness, domestic violence and isolation, just to mention a few.

With millions of enterprises facing an existential threat, businesses have been forced to adapt to the pandemic. For one, the online space has not only been an important part of business operations but has also been essential for their survival during this period. This has helped businesses centre their operations online and deliver to customers in the comfort of their homes. 

The pandemic has also led to the loss of incomes, with millions facing unemployment as a result of the closure of businesses. Many people have also been forced to work from home and with restaurants closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the majority of people have been forced to cut on restaurants dining and takeaways and search for online recipes and meal boxes.

According to newbie deals, here are some of the recipes boxes you should try out. They are inclusive of all including vegans and contain healthy recipes for an individual or even the whole family!

Vegan recipe boxes

If you thought vegan meals are boring, you are wrong. With a wide variety of simple ingredients not to mention incredible and thought-out recipe boxes, you will be spoilt for choice. The pandemic has seen people take extra care of what they eat, mostly to boost their immunity.

People have shifted to vegan meals, with Mindful Chef seeing a 345% increase in vegan recipe box demand. These recipe boxes contain interesting meal plans such as the red peto jackfruit and chickpea stuffed peppers, kung pao tempeh with baby corn and broccoli and the parsnip, kale and kidney bean hotspot recipe box, just to mention a few. These recipes are easy to follow and take less than 30 minutes to prepare. How convenient!

With deliveries starting on Mondays, this helps you jumpstart your vegan meals with no delays whatsoever.

Family recipe boxes

The mindful chef is also inclusive to cater to families with a variety of recipe boxes that are not only healthy but are also easy to prepare. This is especially helpful for those who have to cater to the needs of their families while also working from home.

In the healthy family recipe boxes, a weekly box contains 2 to 3 healthy recipes that cater to 3 to 5 people and 12 recipes to choose from.

Among the recipes in the family recipe box include harissa salmon, potato fries and sundried tomato, chicken pesto and sweetcorn penne, honey and harissa chicken skewers with quinoa, Spanish rice with cod and portobello mushrooms with Mexican-style rice.

Healthy recipe boxes

If you are mindful of your health and what you consume, I’m sure you have or will be on the lookout for the healthiest recipes that suit your needs. Handcrafted by qualified chefs, the mindful chef has recipe boxes that are dairy and gluten-free.

They are packed with quality and nutritious ingredients most suitable for the microwave air oven in as little as 8 minutes. Among the available and affordable healthy meal boxes include chicken satay chicken, Smokey chipotle chicken, comforting veggie lasagne, chicken tikka masala, Smokey pulled jackfruit and cashew chickpea korma.

Riverford recipe box is also an excellent choice. Delivered once a week, this recipe box has the highest quality and organic produce farmed with the highest standards. All ingredients are also seasonal and are developed by a team of excellent chefs. They also change every week hence breaking the monotony of having the same meal over and over. From this recipe box, you can make a cashew stir fry with cauliflower rice and tofu among other fantastic meal ideas.

Smoothie recipes

You might also want to add smoothies to your diet. These provide the body with essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. Whether you are looking to incorporate banana smoothies, green smoothies, mango smoothies or even berry smoothies, the mindful chef has a wide array of pre-prepped frozen fruits, healthy grains and vegetables. The ingredients also have no added sugar, stabilizers and preservatives.

Among the smoothie options available at mindful chef include the passion fruit breakfast smoothie, apple blackberry smoothie, banana cocoa smoothie, berry blast smoothie and super green smoothie, all available in a pack of 5. Others are available in a pack of 12 such as the tastier smoothie bundle.

The lean green smoothie is an excellent choice for a start. The smoothie box is pre-packed with spiced ginger, zippy lime, spinach and crisp apples and pears. You can also opt to add chia seeds for that protein boost. And to add to this, you don’t need to worry about the availability of small pears, they are frozen and packed for your ready use!

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