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Putin insists 100,000 troops are simply at a work event on the Ukraine border

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Vladimir Putin says 100,000 Russian troops massing on the Ukraine border is nothing to worry about because it is a work event.

“Our army is working very hard, even if social distancing with Ukraine might be a little awkward,” the Russian president insists.

“We are not, and we never will break any rules, and rumours of an entertaining, booze-fuelled invasion are wide of the mark.

“For complete reassurance, we have asked Sue Gray to report on the terrifying build-up of our armed forces.

“That investigation is still ongoing, so I really can’t comment anymore.

“But I expect to be able to report back, from the steps of Government House in Kiev very soon.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Mr Putin’s explanation was entirely satisfactory.

Downing Street spokesperson Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “Mr Johnson is reassured the Russians are attending a work event, and he may wander out to the Ukraine border to thank them for their hard work.”

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