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Police to replace German Shepherds with Honey badgers

Police soon to replace German Shepherds with Honey badgers

The police has made an official statement saying that they will no longer use german shepherds to help the force. Because german shepherds only want to play fetch. That is why Police soon to replace German Shepherds with Honey badgers

They will be using honey badgers. They are also known as “Ratels.” which is a mixture of the words “Rat” and ”Cartel.”

Honey badgers have an incredible ability to “Rat Out” criminals. That’s where the name “Ratels” comes from.

The slang word to “rat someone out” means that you tell an authority about something bad someone has done.

This is why the police are using honey badgers after they will replace German shepherds.

Lorraine Fisher 34, is a renowned German shepherd expert.

In her book, The Goodest Boy Who Swam With The Dolphins, she talks about how german shepherds are evolving to be more playful and less violent.

They no longer want to fight crime. She believes all the drugs that they have sniffed from criminals are changing their genes, making them calm and playful.

She says, “imagine consuming all those drugs little by little for decades. It will have an effect on your body and mind”.

She theorizes that the same thing will happen to honey badgers.

“In a few decades, they will no longer want to help the police by telling on criminals. They will keep the secrets to themselves”, Fisher explains.

She encourages the police department to use robots and advised to replace German shepherds, similar to the one in the movie Robocop.

She stated, “Robots don’t need to consume drugs when sniffing suspects. It will do nothing to their mind and body. If they start malfunctioning,  just simply update their software and they are good to go”.

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