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PCD World Championship Darts: What to expect at Ally Pally this year?

PCD World Championship Darts: What to expect at Ally Pally this year?

The PDC World Championship has been held at Alexandra Palace since 2008. The yearly event is renowned for its raucous crowds and the wide range of extravagant fancy dress on show – this sometimes even spreads to the players. 

The event is exciting and unique for many reasons beyond the actual throwing of the match darts. But only the eventual winner will go down in history and be remembered for years. 

So getting down to business, who could emerge from the landmark event as the world champion of darts?

Luke Humphries to become the world champion

Luke Humphries has had a rise in recent months that happened quicker than a politician changes their mind.

Going into October he was a highly regarded player but had no majors, fast-forward just over a month and he had recorded his second major title – wins came in the World Grand Prix and the Grand Slam of Darts respectively.

The odds for the World Championship suggest his momentum is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. In the PDC World Championship odds he is offered at +350. The darts tips suggest he will secure his third major in the new year, but the legendary Michael van Gerwen will offer strong opposition.

Humphries has looked unstoppable in recent months, and his continued rise seems inevitable. Some fans of other top players may paint a different picture, but no doubt he is going to the very top level and will stay there for a long time.

A World Championship victory would propel him to even higher heights yet again after his recent successes. Especially if he were to see off legends like 48-major title boasting van Gerwen along the way. 

A potential final matchup with van Gerwen would set up arguably his toughest final yet. Besides a top-quality darting occasion, fans could well witness a passing of the baton.

Van Gerwen roughly took over from Phil Taylor in dominating the PDC during the 2010s, and Humphries certainly has the talent and age on his side to win many more titles in the future.

Expect to see bizarre costumes on show

The World Championship at Ally Pally usually features a bizarre spectator theme of the wildest outfit choices – it is perhaps even more famous than the annual darting action itself. 

While the professionals compete to win physical trophies, fans look to outdo each other in regards to the most hilarious costumes for the event. However, some players even get involved in the contests on and off the oche such as Peter Wright who has donned extravagant attire on several occasions. 

Many people will be focused on the action at center stage, there is certainly entertainment to be found from spotting the most outlandish attire from the thousands of spectators. 

In the past, there have been groups dressed as traffic cones, and crayons, and even the full cast of the Wizard of Oz have been present in World Championship crowds. However, brand-new fashion ware is seen year-on-year. 

Ultimately, the main focus of the Darts World Championship is who takes away the honors as Humphries greatest night is expected to be ahead – although an upset could be even more dramatic.

Watching or attending the event is not excluded to avid fans of the sport though. There is just as much fun to be had from the fancy-dress aspect of the three-week tournament and the attraction of the television cameras will undoubtedly back that up.

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