Family froze to death outside theatre

By Hugh Dunnett, Crime Correspondent

A Norfolk family of three froze to death after a mix-up over a theatre sign, it emerged today.

The parents and their eight-year-old son had been queuing patiently for three days in the recent cold snap to see “Closed for the Winter” at the Roseland theatre in Mildenhall, Suffolk.

Grim scene: The Roseland Theatre in Mildenhall

Theatre manager Rupert Chance told the Suffolk Gazette: “It’s very sad. I think the family were from a part of rural Norfolk where entertainment and communication with others is hard to come by.

“We believe they crossed the border by horse and cart to buy some essential provisions in Mildenhall. They must have passed by the theatre and assumed the sign was our latest production.”


A Suffolk police insider said: “We can confirm a Norfolk family of three was found dead outside the Roseland theatre in Mildenhall last Friday. We have put barriers up around the entrance while we carry out a full investigation.

“We will not be releasing the names of the family until relatives have been informed, but there seems to be some confusion over siblings and parents.”

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