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How to Bet on Tennis?

How to Bet on Tennis?

The tennis season takes up almost the entire year, which explains why online tennis betting is so incredibly popular. Tennis is a TV sport par excellence, which means that live betting on tennis is almost always possible. Many tournaments can be followed live on TV throughout the year. While in the past only the grand slam tournaments were broadcast, this is different today. At least one tournament can be followed live on TV every week. Partly because of this, the market for betting on tennis at non GamStop bookmakers has only grown.

What is Online Betting on Tennis at Non GamStop Bookmakers?

Betting on tennis is placing a wager at a non GamStop bookmaker on a tennis match or tournament. This does not necessarily have to be an individual competition. For example, you can bet on a tournament win or who will reach the semi-finals.

The most popular way of online betting on tennis is to see who will win the game, through the match-winner market. Placing these types of bets is already possible in relatively low-level competitions such as Challengers and ITF tournaments.

The larger the tournaments, the more market supply there will be per match.

How Does Non GamStop Betting on Tennis Work?

Do you want to know which bookmaker has the best offer for tennis? Then follow these steps.

Select the Best Non GamStop Bookmaker

If it is clear which non GamStop bookmaker has the best offer when it comes to online gambling on tennis, then click on the non GamStop bookmaker. This opens the site and allows you to create an account. Already have an account? Then log in and make sure you have sufficient balance to place the bet.

Select Tennis

If you have created an account, or are logged in to an existing account, you look for the sport ‘tennis’. There you will find all current tournaments and competitions. Click here to see all available competitions and markets.

View Markets

All available tournaments and competitions, with associated markets for online tennis betting, are now visible. This will probably be the Match Winner market.

Place Gambling on Tennis

Now that all available markets are visible, it is up to you to predict the right outcome. Select the outcome that you think is the winning one. Then it is a matter of determining your stake and ultimately placing the bet. Depending on the result, you have won or lost the bet.

The most popular tournaments for online tennis betting are the Grand Slams. The Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and US Open are the four grand slams of the year. These tournaments are popular for betting on tennis because all participants arrive at the start fit and fully motivated. The Grand Slams always receive more attention in the media, which means you can follow the tournaments extra closely.

Types of Bets

The most popular bets when gambling on tennis are:

  • Match winner | Predict who will win the match.
  • Correct Score | This market can be applied per set but also over the entire match. For example, you predict what the score of the first set will be or whether a player will win the match 2-0 in sets.
  • Over/Under | For example, predict whether more (Over) or less (Under) a certain number of games will be played. At the end of the match, add up all the games to see if you have won. This is a bet that is also offered per set. Then of course it concerns more or less than a certain number of games in a set.
  • Tiebreak Y/N | This market allows you to bet on whether there will be a tiebreak in the match, for example.
  • Outright | Who will ultimately win the tournament? You can bet on this in the outright market for the tournament in question. In addition, at larger tournaments, it is possible to determine who will reach the semi-finals.

Betting on Tennis With Your Mobile

You can bet on tennis via the mobile site or bookmaker’s app. The system and layout of the markets are the same as the desktop site. You log in on the mobile site or via the app that can be downloaded from the app or Play Store. If you don’t have an account yet, you can also create one via your mobile in a few minutes.

After logging in you can start looking for the sport of tennis. Tennis is a popular sport and at all non GamStop bookmakers, the tennis icon (often a tennis ball) is the first item given. If you do not see this, you can view all sports via the AZ icon and still select tennis. You will then see the tournaments, matches and associated odds, making it easy to bet on tennis via your mobile.

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