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High Stakes on and Off the Course: A Look at Professional Golfers Who Love Casino Gambling

Golf, a sport characterized by its tranquility and strategic precision, seems a world apart from the high-energy spectacle of a bustling casino floor, ablaze with its mesmerizing glamour. However, within the hearts of many esteemed golf figures, the allure of a gambler’s rush – that electric excitement that grips you in games of chance – holds just as much potency as the anticipation of sinking a birdie putt. The serene solitude of the fairway transforms into the pulsating neon of a casino, a scene not unfamiliar on platforms like australian online casino reviews.

A Look at Professional Golfers Who Love Casino Gambling

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson, or ‘Lefty,’ is a colossal figure on the golf course, wielding his driver and putter with undeniable prowess. But there’s another side to him, a side notorious for a somewhat insatiable appetite for gambling.

  • Mickelson, engraved on 44 PGA Tour trophies and five significant championships as of 2021, is no stranger to placing high-stake bets in golf and beyond.
  • Over the years, the headlines told tales of his bold wagers on other sports, such as his infamous loss of $200,000 on a Baltimore Ravens game in 2001.
  • Rumours also tied him to an unlawful gambling ring in 2014, although he never faced criminal charges.

John Daly

Then there’s John Daly, a man whose love for the casino is as notorious as his flamboyant behaviour on and off the golf course, earning him the apt moniker “Wild Thing.” Daly, a man who has tasted victory in major championships not once but twice, has candidly confessed to serious gambling addiction in the past.

His unflinchingly honest autobiography, “John Daly: My Life In and Out of the Rough,” tells a gripping story of a man who gambled away approximately $55 million between 1991 and 2007. The allure of Las Vegas and its many casinos was too strong to resist, and millions disappeared into the flashing lights of slot machines.

Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson, another fascinating figure in our narrative, a prodigiously talented golfer and 2020 Masters champion, has a more nuanced connection with gambling. His mentor and financier, the late Wayne Gretzky, a figure deeply immersed in poker, initiated Johnson into high-stakes gambling. Gretzky and Johnson have been sighted rubbing shoulders with the high rollers at celebrity poker events more than once.

Michael Jordan

And then there’s Michael Jordan, a name synonymous with basketball supremacy but a man whose love for golf and the high stakes of gambling is well-known. He has placed high-stake bets on his golf games and frequent casinos. Despite not being a professional golfer, his presence and impact on the sport, amplified by his well-documented games and gambling escapades, unquestionably earn him a place on this list.

Golfers and Gambling: Tales from the Rumor Mill

While many golfers have been vocal about their penchant for casino antics, a sea of stories, just as engaging, swirls within the hazy sphere of speculation and whispers. In the following tales, the stakes are high, and the names mentioned are titans of the golfing world. However, despite their intrigue, these accounts teeter on the brink of hearsay. So, although they lend an aura of mystery to these golfing legends, their authenticity still needs to be verified.

Tiger Woods: The Blackjack Virtuoso of Golf?

Tiger Woods, a legend whose name rings loud in the annals of golf history, has had many tales spun about his alleged affinity for casino gambling. Known for his unrivalled focus and precision on the golfing green, rumours suggest he employs the same intensity at the blackjack tables of Las Vegas’ MGM Grand. Tales have it that he places bets as high as $25,000 per hand, with the casino even rumoured to have elevated its betting limits to accommodate his zeal.

It’s crucial to remember that these whispers come primarily from anecdotal sources, needing more official confirmation from Woods or his representatives. While these tantalising glimpses into the private life of one of golf’s grandest champions embellish his charisma, the lack of substantial evidence calls for a healthy dose of scepticism.

Ben Crenshaw: The Golfing Aficionado of Chance

Ben Crenshaw, twice a Masters Champion, has an affection for games of chance that’s well-documented. His love for horse racing is an open secret within the golfing community, often backing his favourite horses with substantial wagers and not just playing the role of a bystander. Beyond the racing tracks, Crenshaw is also rumoured to indulge in high-stakes poker. The precise depth of his gambling passion remains elusive. Yet, it is undeniable that the exhilaration of a risky bet holds a charm for him, rivalling the adrenaline of a perfect putt.

Charles Barkley: From the Court to the Turf

Charles Barkley, whose name is most often associated with his exceptional skills on the basketball court, is also a golf enthusiast and a confessed gambler. His fondness for golf mirrors his attraction to the bustling casinos. Acknowledging gambling debts that reach staggering heights, around $10 million to be precise, Barkley’s high-stakes exploits link him to the golfing world in a way that is uniquely his own.


The intersection of golf and gambling presents a captivating spectacle, with numerous professionals finding a comparable thrill in both arenas. The irresistible allure of a gamble proves too enchanting to resist for many athletes, including golfers. The suspense of risk, the euphoria of victory, and the sting of defeat are sensations familiar on the golf course and the casino floor alike. Whether it’s a friendly wager on the greens or a high-stakes round at the casino, golfers often embody the same intense competitiveness and strategic insight in both contexts. Like golf, gambling demands strategy, patience, and a touch of luck. It’s hardly surprising, then, that these golfing stars are drawn to the radiant allure of the casino floor, a connection emphasized by the Casino Review System.

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