Monday, June 17, 2024

It’s getting too hot, moans everyone

Suffolk residents who have spent weeks moaning about the poor summer were today upset that it was getting too hot.

Now that the sun is shining and temperatures are soaring towards 30 degrees, it’s all got too much for everyone who likes to moan whatever the weather.

Wendy Jacobson, who lives near Woodbridge wailed: “It’s far too hot. You can’t go outside without getting sweaty. We need a good storm to clear the air.”

When told that only days ago she was moaning about the summer getting off to a disappointing start, Mrs Jacobson refused to comment.

Jack Gales, of Haverhill told the Suffolk Gazette: “The weather needs to sort itself out. It’s either too cold, wet or windy – or it’s too hot. It’s very difficult to get on with one’s life. It must be dreadful for old people in this heat. They could die from moaning about it.”

Jim Porkie, of forecasters explained: “We expect a prolonged spell of moaning followed by some cooler tempers.”

Felixstowe beach basking in sunshine today

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