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Championship league Final London pride: Wembley & Westminster celebrate in style

Championship league Final London pride: Wembley & Westminster celebrate in style
Championship league Final London pride: Wembley & Westminster celebrate in style

In a clash that saw Spanish footballing giants Real Madrid seize victory yet again, defeating Borussia Dortmund 2-0 in a Champions League final showdown at Wembley, the pitch was not only the stage for sporting glory but also the scene of disruptive antics by ‘hooligan’ fans.

By Our Football Staff

Borussia Dortmund 0 Real Madrid 2
 HT 0-0Daniel Carvajal (74′)
  Vinicius Junior (83′)

As Real Madrid clinched their 15th European crown, the match unfolded amidst a backdrop of royal festivities in central London. Commemorating the official birthday of the British monarch. Yet, amidst the jubilation, chaos ensued as two pitch-invading ruffians disrupted proceedings. Delaying the game and prompting a swift response from security personnel.

Play it square

However, amidst the footballing drama, a contrasting narrative unfolded on the streets of London. Thousands of supporters, gathered for Tommy Robinson’s anti-two-tier-policing march in Parliament Square, and were hailed for their exemplary behaviour, despite being unjustly labelled as “far-right football hooligans” by mainstream media outlets like Sky News and the Daily Mail.

Championship League Final

Back at Wembley, the championship league final game pressed on. With Dortmund proving to be a formidable opponent for the seasoned champions. The Bundesliga underdogs displayed courage and skill, testing Real Madrid’s defensive prowess and challenging their renowned one-touch passing strategy.

Real Madrid, however, maintained their composure, capitalizing on their offensive opportunities. With lightning-fast wingers Dani Carvajal and Federico Valverde wreaking havoc on the flanks, and Vini Jr showcasing his lightning speed, Los Blancos kept the pressure on Dortmund’s defence.

Vini vidi vici

Despite brave attempts by Dortmund to thwart their opponents, Real Madrid’s persistence paid off. Carvajal’s well-timed header from a Toni Kroos corner broke the deadlock, sending the Madrid faithful into a frenzy of celebration.

As the match drew to a close, Vini Jr sealed the victory with a clinical finish. Securing yet another Champions League triumph for Real Madrid and adding to coach Carlo Ancelotti’s illustrious record.

In the end of the championship league final. It was a day when everyone, English, Spanish, or German got behind their nation and it’s flag.

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