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Bungay savages celebrate boxing day hunt with animal mutilations

Bungay savages celebrate boxing day with animal mutilations
Boxing Day Bungay hunt

A flock of peasants took to the streets of Bungay, Suffolk welcome the annual Boxing Day hunt parade through the town, despite hunting with dogs being illegal since 2005.

The large gathering of the town’s underworkmen and lowerclasswomen,.bowed their heads and threw their remaining fluff at huntsmen and women – the Waveney Harriers – as they smugly paraded their wealth and savagery, trotting down Bungay High Street at dawn.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Despite the celebrations of Bungay Hunt, a handful of protestors waved banners. and complained loudly at the refusal of the hunt to consider them as the quarry (W.C. ‘an animal pursued by a hunter’). This reporter spoke to Craig Gafney, the protestor’s spokesperson. “We have come here today to demand that we be hunted by the horseriding toffs and their beagles. Every year we come here, ready and willing to get down on all fours.and run through the fields for them to chase us, but they always refuse on account of us apparently not being quick enough. Well, I’m sorry but you try it. Running on your hands and knees is not easy y’know, especially through heavy mud, long grass, and thicket.”

Mutton dressed as lamb

Asked why the group’s members wanted to be hunted by the rich,.Gafney replied “Well it’s to reinforce the class structure of the village isn’t it? Us underpeople know our place. We live to serve the upper classes whether it be in our humble shops,.providing them with goods like newspapers, wine, or paraffin, or working for them in their homes for minimum wage, polishing their furniture, building their fires, and drawing their curtains of an evening. All we want is for them to allow us to be hunted by them to show that they respect our place in society as we respect theirs.”

The Bungay Hunt

Ignoring the protestors, the law, and everyone else who had come along to watch, the entitled elite began their hunt with a parp of the bugle and several ‘tally-ho’s.

The banning of hunting with dogs, still allows the ‘simulation’ of hunting where mounted riders hunt an artificially laid scent. This however, is no fun as the real purpose is to corner and catch an innocent furry animal and have your dogs rip it limb from limb.

Everyone knows that this is still what happens during the Bungay hunt.

As they say… you can’t teach an old beagle new tricks.

W.C. = Working Class

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