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7 Benefits of Participating in Clubs and Sports in College

Students have a decent amount of free time in college, and there are various ways to spend it. However, if you’re looking for a rewarding way to utilize this time, you should consider participating in sports or joining a club. You can choose what to join depending on your hobbies or what you’re good at. For example, if you like playing chess, there are chess clubs in college. Students who participated in a sport in high school can carry that over to college. So what makes these extracurricular activities beneficial?

Meeting New People

7 Benefits of Participating in Clubs and Sports in College

Making friends or building connections is easy when you join a club or play a sport. You get to socialize with people who share your interests; thus, connecting with them is easy. Over time, some of these people will become your friends.

For team sports, your teammates become a significant part of your life because you spend a lot of time with them during training and playing together on the pitch. It gives you a chance to form strong connections. Some friendships you develop in college last a lifetime. So joining a club or playing for a team might help you meet someone important in your life.

Boosts Your Resume

Your education will be important in your CV, but employers nowadays also look for what makes job seekers special. Recruiters are interested in extracurriculars in interviews, especially if you played a big part in the club or team. For example, being a football captain or leading a chess club look good on your resume because they demonstrate your commitment and ability to lead, which are valuable traits.

You Develop New Skills

Being part of a club or a sports team helps you develop valuable skills. For example, any sport that involves working as a team will teach you teamwork. In addition, some clubs can help you develop hard skills, such as dancing from dance clubs, writing from writer’s clubs, and others. In a team, you also learn how to communicate better so the team can succeed. These skills are helpful even after college.

Stress Release

College life can be pretty stressful, especially on the academic side. It could be from declining grades, parental pressure, or excess assignments. Even though you can turn to the best essay writing service for challenging assignments, stress from other sources can be a little tricky.

Extracurricular activities can help manage that stress before it leads to more concerning challenges like depression. Attending clubs lets you get your mind off some of the pressures that might be causing your stress. It might be a temporary release, but it helps you get into a better mental state to face your challenges.

Health Benefits

Extracurricular activities that involve physical exercises, such as sports, are great for a student’s health. Students who regularly participate in sports tend to have increased energy levels which is useful for their academics. So you’ll rarely find them checking out master papers review. Furthermore, exercising does the following:

  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Reduces risk of heart disease and obesity
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Improves balance and coordination

Physical activity from sports also helps improve sleep which can help many students who struggle with insomnia and other sleep disorders.


As mentioned, participating in clubs and sports helps you meet people and form meaningful connections. On top of that, the people you form bonds with in college become part of your network. Networking is crucial in college because these are the networks you will utilize when job hunting. In the U.S., a significant proportion of jobs are filled through networking. So a more extensive network grants you more and even better opportunities.


Being part of a club or sports team is a fun experience. College is more than just about learning; it’s where individuals find themselves and understand their likes and passions. Clubs and sports help you explore some of your hobbies and passion, which is usually a fun experience. Furthermore, people in the same clubs or teams tend to form social groups where you can get invited to various entertaining activities.

Closing Remarks

The clubs and teams you join can significantly influence your college experience. The above benefits should be enough to encourage you to take the chance and join but be responsible. The main goal of college is education, so ensure that any extracurricular activities you participate in do not affect your learning. Plan your time well, and try not to spread yourself too thin by committing to too many clubs or sports.

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