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6 best meditation room ideas that inspire peace

One of the best things you can do for your mind, body, and soul is to create a room in your home for peaceful meditation. It can be a refuge from the stressful and hectic outside world. It’s important to be able to recharge, refresh, and get your mind and body relaxed.

However, you can’t just pick any room and meditate. You need to maximize the potential of the space as a meditation area. That means being creative and adding elements that will make it a more effective space for meditation. Here are some of the best meditation room ideas that inspire peace. 


You don’t need a lot to meditate. The more clutter there is surrounding you, the more difficult you might find relaxing and focusing on your meditation. All you need are some cushions, a small stool, and a comfortable rug. Try to choose colors that are neutral and calming, but otherwise choose whatever styles suit you best and provide a sense of peace. Clutter can create stress, so you want to remove as much of it as possible from your meditation room. 


A simple scent can do wonders for your mood and your ability to relax. It can set the vibe of the room, and a pleasant scent can make you feel more serene. You can take it a step further, however, by using healing essential oils. They not only give you a nice aroma, but they also add other benefits, such as relaxation and immune system boosting, depending on what oil you use. Check out some incense products from distributors like Zamnesia. Incense can also give you relaxation benefits, and can help energize certain brain functions. 


Everyone likes a splash of big, bold colors at times, and accent pieces and walls are very popular for home decor. However, when it comes to your meditation room, you want to choose colors that are more subdued. Soothing pastels are a great choice. You may not see them while you are meditating, but they can get you in the mood when you first enter the space. Other hues that provide a hint of nature and earth can give this feeling, so stay away from big and bright, at least for this room. 


It’s true that your eyes are closed during meditation, but the key is to have the feeling and the mood to be set as soon as you enter the space. One thing you can do is have personal messages prominently displayed that give you a reminder of what you are there for. They should be simple, and just one word at a time. Good pre-meditation words include “breathe,” “focus,” or “exhale.” It can be anything that puts you in the right frame of mind for being at peace for a while. Make sure that the messages are printed in a calming font that’s flowing but still easy to read. 

Bring the outside in

There is nothing more calming than nature. Having a serene outside oasis isn’t possible for most of us, but you can create a sense of it inside your home. If possible, set up your meditation space where there is a lot of natural light. It is amazingly energizing, and does not have the negative effects that harsh electrical light can have. Make sure to have other natural components as well. It can be plants, or a box of sand, or even a small water fountain. If you like the sounds of nature, such as the wind, rustling leaves, or softly chirping birds, you can bring in music to add to the mood. If you are able, fresh air is also a powerful way to improve your brain function and refresh your mind and body. 

Create a hideaway

In your home, you might not be able to have a separate room just for meditating. It can be therapeutic to have a physical barrier between your meditation space and the rest of the home, however. You can create a personal hideout within a room, such as your living or family room, with some simple solutions. You can use a hanging canopy to carve out a section of the room, for instance. If you are on a budget, simple bed sheets will do just fine as well. Make sure they are pastel or other subdued colors and not your comic book sheets from when you were a kid. 

We all need a way to relax and de-stress after a long day at work or school, or simply to get away from the tension of everyday life. Creating a meditation room in your home is the perfect way to easily shut yourself off from the world and gain some peace. Use these tips to help you make the ideal serenity spot for you in your home. 

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