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2023 Trends of Online Casino Games

2023 Trends of Online Casino Games

2023 is already an exciting year for online casino gaming. Generative AI, the newest form of AI, has created enough of a buzz that everyone is talking about it. And while it may not have direct implications for gaming as of yet, it is only a matter of time before providers like Betway find a way to implement it into their operations. In the meantime, here is a look at some trends that are driving growth in the online casino industry this year as well as some-yet-to-be-implemented but promising techs.

More Mobile Games

2022 continued the trend of mobile device proliferation, with more than 7.26 billion reported mobile phone users globally. These numbers mean that more gamers than ever have access to mobile gaming. They also mean that mobile gaming will continue to lead the charge towards the projected value of $158.20 billion that the online gambling market is expected to hit by 2028. Consequently, platforms like betway Zambia are increasingly adopting a mobile-first approach to their games. More providers are adopting their top titles for mobile play and collaborating with more mobile game developers. 

Immersive Gaming

VR technology made gaming more immersive than ever. Through headsets and other specialized gear gamers could now inhabit gaming environments and interact with the elements and other players from anywhere in the world. The primary concern with the application of VR has been affordability. In 2023, we may see developers strive to make VR headsets more available to the average gamer. This could have implications on the casino industry and may allow players to inhabit poker and blackjack halls “physically” from the comfort of their homes. 

Smarter NPCs

Game developers are keen on making non-player characters (NPCs) smarter and more responsive. Through machine learning, these pre-programed characters will be able to learn and adapt to player behavior. This will make gaming more unpredictable and, therefore, more challenging and fun. In the casino sector, smarter NPCs could make games like video slots more interesting to players. They could also take away some of the repetition that occurs in slot themes, allowing gamers to experience more varied, interactive, and stimulating gaming environments. 

Live Casino Gaming

Live casino gaming is one of the most exciting recent technological trends to rock the online casino industry. Through VR, AI, and streaming technology, casino providers like Betway allow gamers to interact with dealers and other players in real-time. This interaction is achieved over video feed so that you could be playing poker with five other players and a real-life dealer without leaving your house. Currently, few games like poker and blackjack are offered in this format. 2023 could see this change as providers offer more live casino game versions. Live dealer technology could also grow more immersive and sophisticated, what with the Metaverse gaining more mainstream attention.

Social Gaming

Online casino gaming met a real need, allowing players from across the globe to enjoy their favorite casino games without travelling to Las Vegas. However, players soon realized that this gaming format lacked the social aspect of traditional gambling. This is why online casino providers have been moving toward making online gambling more social. At the moment, this is achieved through social interaction tools like leaderboards, chat options, multiplayer games, tournaments, and live dealer games. This year, developers will seek to increase social interaction and may even partner with social media platforms.

Crypto-Based Games

Cryptocurrency’s applications in gaming encompass both financial transactions and security. Through blockchain technology, digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum make gambling transactions faster, anonymous, and more secure. This is why online casinos are increasingly adopting it as a mode of payment. In another application, however, casino game developers have also been releasing crypto-based online games. Gamers who play these games can earn digital currencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other digital assets that they can use as they wish. With these rewards proving more beneficial than other types of bonuses, we will likely see more crypto games.

Flexible Rewards

Speaking of NFTs, casino providers are also moving toward digital assets as rewards for new and loyal players. Rather than offer free spins and bonuses, some platforms allow gamers to choose from a growing list of rewards that includes digital currencies, digital tokens, weapons, memorabilia, in-game attire, and more. Many of these are usable outside of the casino games in which they are offered, allowing for more flexibility. Gamers can display, trade, or exchange their NFTs, for instance. 

Casino Twitch Streaming

Streaming technology facilitated the launch of the esports and esports betting markets. Through it, a whole new crop of professional gamers found a way to play their favorite video games and earn money doing it. Viewers, on the other hand, were able to view these sessions, learn new strategy, and even bet on the outcomes. In 2023, we are likely to see this technology applied in casino gaming. Top players will begin to use streaming platforms to broadcast games like poker and blackjack, from which viewers can learn new strategy and maybe even bet. 

Wrapping Up

The online gambling industry maintains a robust share of the entertainment market in no small part due to its ability to adopt current trends. In 2023, online casinos will continue to integrate AI, streaming technology, cloud gaming, blockchain technology, and VR into their operations. As a result, casino games will grow more varied, immersive, responsive, and interactive.

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