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Unlock your Land’s Development Potential through Call For Sites

Unlock your Land’s Development Potential through Call For Sites

Do you own Land in the Babergh or Mid Suffolk regions? Would you like to see if that Land has Development potential? If you have answered yes, then good news, YourLandAgency (a specialist Land Consultancy company) can help you achieve this.

Currently, Babergh and Mid Suffolk Councils are currently inviting Land site submissions as part of their ‘Call For Sites’ process. Here, Landowners can submit their sites to be put forward for Residential land use and ultimately, consideration for future development. This process is known as the Call For Sites process. 

Further Guidance for Landowners 

Owners should note, this process will not in itself determine whether a site should be allocated for development. All sites will need further assessment and the overall ratings process, and strategy for the Local Plan will be informed by several evidence-based procedures and various consultations. The submission of a site through the Call For Sites process does not immediately achieve approved planning status, but it begins the process, and indication of future likelihood of planning approval. Finally, all completed submissions must be by Friday 2nd February 2024, and as such time is very much of the essence!

Further Guidance for Landowners 

How YourLandAgency can help Landowners

Currently, YourLandAgency are assisting Landowners looking to submit their sites as part of the Call For Sites, both in Babergh and Mid Suffolk, and in Colchester. The Call For Sites process seldom presents itself, and as such a thorough initial land assessment and subsequent detailed application is the best way of achieving a favourable rating of your site. YourLandAgency can undertake a free of charge, desktop-based assessment of your land in the first instance. Herein, we shall look at various planning policy aspects, such as land designation, checking adopted settlement boundary, local amenity, flood risk, special protection areas, public footpath, highways issues, to name but a few. We can then get a feel for the likelihood of future planning approval and advise if a submission through the Call For Sites is suitable. 

YourLandAgency have been offering advisory services to its clients for well over a decade and bring a wealth of knowledge in terms of planning policy, planning applications, an understanding of buying and selling land, property development and many other associated matters. We have experience in consultations with Parish Councils, an in-house Architect, specialised consultants to assist with problematic and challenging land sites and an excellent firm of Auctioneers for future sales.

How YourLandAgency can help Landowners

What if my site is not suitable for conventional Residential Development?

Not all landowners will have sites which Babergh and Mid Suffolk council will deem suitable for future residential development, as part of the Call For Sites process. However, with the benefit of your free site assessment, YourLandAgency might be able to unlock alternative development options. This might include the conversion of Agricultural outbuildings to residential property, industrial possibilities, tourism potential sites and rural exception policy sites (where Affordable Housing provision might be possible). With the correct policy knowledge and creative mindset, there are always different avenues which can be explored.

I’m concerned about future costs to obtain Planning Approval

Amid a cost-of-living crisis, where budgets are being stretched, many Landowners will be concerned about the potential costs of Planning. YourLandAgency can offer a variety of options to alleviate this and have a range of products and deal structures. These include Joint Venture agreements, Land Options, Promotional Agreements, and various Finance options. These can be discussed in detail with all prospective clients.

I’m concerned about future costs to obtain Planning Approval

Further information and Contact details

For Landowners wishing to read guidance notes from Babergh and Mid Suffolk Councils, please click this link for further details:

Should further advice or guidance be required, please contact Darren Milne at YourLandAgency.



Phone : 01708 788851 (Voicemail available if Consultants are off site)

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