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Things you can do in Saratoga Race Course if you’re not gambling

The Saratoga Race Course is one of the oldest racing fields in the United States. It is also considered as one of the legendary racing tracks since it’s inauguration. It has produced a lot of horse racers that became big winners in famous horse racing tournaments all over the world. It is a place where you can truly appreciate the true beauty and culture of combined tourist and gambling destination.

So what comes first in your mind when you hear the word Saratoga Race Course?  To some people, it is the home of some notable horse racing events. It is where you can find full-pledged thoroughbred horse racers showing off their real ability and stamina to outlast each other and bring home a million-dollar purse prize. It is also a place where you can see a considerable number of bettors wagering for their most favorite entries.

The Saratoga Race Course does not only hold horse racing events. There are other main events and things you can do. Also, not all people going to the racing field would spend money to bet. Here are some other things you can do to fully enjoy your Saratoga Race Course experience if you are not gambling.

Food and drinks

The first things that you look forward to when you travel or go to other places are the foods and drinks you have never tried before. Each venue has its food and beverages to boast, and you should miss tasting that.

When you find yourself in Saratoga Race Course, you should taste their Saratoga Sunrise. It is a local drink serve inside the racing field, and this will ultimately complete your Saratoga trip experience. You can try their famous Hattie fried chicken which savors in your mouth entirely giving a different taste away from what a typical fried chicken tastes like.

Freebies and giveaways

There are lots of freebies and giveaways you can get during the Saratoga Race Course summer meet. If you are one of those horse racing fans that does not bet for your desired entry and would like to get the best racing experience, you can collect each freebie given along with the general admission ticket you purchased. These items come in either T-shirt, clocks, calendars, hats, etc.

Fashion and style

The best part of spending your Saratoga Race Course experience is by wearing your fancy dresses and hats. If you are planning head on to Saratoga Springs and wants to flaunt your rodeo-inspired outfits, then you can do it. It is the best time to take out that huge and glamorous couture so you can slay them on the red carpet. You can join in some contests like “Best Dressed,” and if you win, then you’ll surely earn a significant amount of prizes.

Look after each celebrity and iconic individuals

The Saratoga Race Course is one of the most prestigious racing tracks in the United States, and some of the vast races took place in this field. The best way for you to spend your time here while gazing at a great racing show is to spot each iconic personality like celebrities. Some are also wearing their best outfits to celebrate the horse racing event.

Viewing at the paddock

This place takes you to a close look of each thoroughbred joining the racing tournament. It also includes a perfect scenic spot where you can observe each entry saddling and taking rest while they get final instruction before they run. You can also take pictures together with the horse racer, jockey or trainer to have a perfect remembrance about your Saratoga Race Course trip.

Party with music

The events happening in Saratoga Race Course does not only occur during the day. There is a music party which is hosted every night, and you can perfectly dance into the rhythm. It also serves as the best venue to meet new friends, toasts a drink with them, and party with loud music. You can also find bars in the clubhouses that hold a party theme, and if you want to get the best experience during your Saratoga summer meet, then you must try to party.

Roam around in the entire vicinity

The best way to get a full and memorable experience during your Saratoga Race Course trip if you are not betting is by touring around the racecourse. You can explore different areas that made the racing field unique, take pictures, and know-how they are appropriately managed. You can also go to the different facilities that the field has and discover things it can offer to you. Make the most out of everything because you have paid the right amount for your admission tickets. The Saratoga Race Course is one of the most beautiful racing fields you can find in the United States, and the best way to raise your experience to a maximum level is to make out the most out of your budget.

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