Tuesday, April 2, 2024

How can I get in shape this summer?

Getting in shape for the summer

Even though the summer weather may already be upon us, you could still make a good start on getting in shape. Depending on the nature of your goals, you could lose a few pounds before the summer holidays begin.

Alternatively, this may also enable you to get into some good habits so that you are able to start your fitness or weight loss journey. There may be some adjustments to the ways you normally go about your day that can positively affect your body.

Do exercises properly

When people begin to do exercise, they may not be sure of the correct posture, or even the way to use certain pieces of equipment. This can have an impact in several ways. Firstly, you may be negating some of the effort you put in by not working out your muscles properly. Secondly, and more importantly, poor posture or usage could result in pain or injury occurring. Rather than risking these issues, you could choose to speak with the best personal trainers in London who may be able to teach you how to exercise properly and safely. This can reduce the likelihood of injury occurring, as well as speed up your progress simply by making sure you’re doing things right. They may also be able to suggest the best exercises that align with your goals.

Ignore the ice cream van

You may look forward to the daily jingle signalling that an ice cream van is about to turn onto your road. However, different iced treats can have an alarming number of calories. You may even be better off choosing from the packaged options than going with a traditional 99 with a flake. Although delicious, this whipped ice cream can contain around 240 calories alone, for a small one. In contrast, a Mini Milk has around 30 calories and contains lots of calcium. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a treat. It could be a good idea to either choose a lower calorie option or, if you really love that indulgence, simply have it less often. This can help to keep you within your daily calorie range, and also decrease the amount of sugar you consume.

Drink more water

Your body needs to be hydrated to remain healthy and survive, especially in warmer weather where you are more likely to lose fluids through sweat. While some companies claim to have created water that is suitable for dieting, the truth is that plain tap water is good enough. When you live in a country where there is proper water filtration, you may not need to worry about buying bottled varieties. Tap water contains 0 calories, meaning it is perfect to drink in large quantities. You may also find that it helps to fill you up, making you less likely to turn to unhealthy snacks.

Getting in shape can be a long process so, rather than attempting fad diets or unhealthy habits, you could use the beginning of summer to help you make small changes. In the long run, these could help enormously with your goals.

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